Bushiri touts his love for Malawi


…Major one sends his kids home for studies

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri says he loves and believes in his country Malawi so much that he is even sending his two daughters back home for their studies.

The Bushiris love Malawi

The South Africa based preacher made the comment in a rare and unexpected social media chat he had with local Malawians on Facebook on Tuesday.

Bushiri underlined that nobody should lie to the nation that he does not love Malawi.

“I am a Malawian and I spend much of my time in Malawi. Every time I am in Malawi, I silently go and preach to villages and townships,” he said.

He added that he so much believes in Malawi so much that he is sending his two daughters, aged six and four, to study in Malawian schools.

“We must be the first to believe in our country, to believe in institutions and to believe in ourselves.

“Nothing will move in our country if we think nothing can work here. Things can work in Malawi and they are working though there is always room to make them better,” he said.

Apart from echoing his usual statement that he has no political interest in the country, Bushiri also answered questions regarding why he has taken time to build churches in Malawi.

“I do things according to my plans. Our first interest was not to build churches but to help people. That is why for the past three years we have spent billions in providing free maize, building schools, helping the elderly and supporting government social service delivery,” he said.

He added that, though he has a house in Lilongwe, he has not built the house of his interest because he concentrated on helping the needy.

“Its now that we have moved to the phase of constructing churches. We are building big churches in Lilongwe, Mzuzu and Blantyre and it our hope that by April next year, we will have finished,” he said.

Bushiri further called on Malawians against thinking that Malawi will change by changing leaders. He said Malawi will change if Malawians change their mindset towards development.

“We need to begin to think that success is normal. We should stop thinking that a Malawian cannot work hard and succeed. We can all succeed. We should stop connecting success to magic, witchcraft and satanism. Lets develop a positive mindset,” he said.

Asked if Malawians love him, Bushiri said his nation loves him so much that is why he gets followed everywhere.



  1. Thank you Daddy for your biography.i dont care even if you were born on a tree .i dont care for politics i care for what God is doing through you.my prophert.my oracle.Malawi its time to appreciate your soil son.and God begin to open your eyes.Africa you are blessed but you turn to put your blind eyes in the things of God.South Africa God loves you.what i know Papa you are born by God .born from above.mouthpiece of God.

  2. My father in the lord , thank you for a well tabulated bibliography. Iam blessed by your charisma. I thank God to have you in this generation.

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