Shocker! Newly wed wife refuses to kiss groom

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After exchanging vows, it is naturally expected for any newly wed couple to exchange a kiss as an announcement of their marriage.

Zambia Gossip
Go away! Bride pushes groom away

But this was not the case in Zambia where a groom woke up to his worst nightmare on his wedding day. His bride, after saying ‘I do until death do us apart’, seemingly annoyed, pushed the groom away when he tried to kiss her.

The video, which has now gone viral on social media with close to one hundred thousand views, shows the woman, seemingly annoyed, pushing her groom away from kissing her.

In the video, the priest is seen telling the recently married couple to kiss but the wife repeatedly refuses when the husband tries to kiss her.

Facebook commentators said the marriage was not going to last while others said the man must have cheated on the wife on the eve of their wedding.

Other commentators hinted at this being a forced marriage while some described the groom as a bad kisser.



  1. Yoh but its not in zambia as the priest is speaking swahili and it is not one of the languages of zambia.

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