Ghandi statue: Don’t sell us for aid, govt told

Gandhi statue

A grouping under the tag ‘Mahatma Gandhi statue must fall movement’ has warned the Malawi government not to sell the country to foreigners just because of aid.

This follows a statement government released in reaction to opposition to the ongoing construction of the Ghandi statue at Ginnery Corner in the commercial city of Blantyre.

Gandhi statue
India is constructing a Gandhi statue in Malawi

Following the petitioning by a section of Malawians through social media against the ongoing construction of the Gandhi statue, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation said it wants to keep on enjoying cooperation with the Government of India hence approving the statue.

In the statement, government also described Gandhi a civil rights campaigner who also promoted white supremacy as a role model for Malawian activists.

However, the defensive statement has not pleased a grouping fighting for discontinuation of the construction.

The movement, through a statement signed by seven representatives, say they feel the government’s statement does not seek to address the real issues which reflect the concerns that have been raised.

“We feel that the official statement issued by the government of Malawi is a reactionary statement, not meant to inform but confuse and manipulate people into blind submission,” said the movement.

According to the group, they support international deals and development that do not bully Malawi into giving away its pride.

They also wondered why government approved construction of the statue at a time the Indian government ordered the demolition of a monument in Southern India celebrating the legacy of Russian communist icon Vladimir Lenin while claiming that statues of foreign leaders have no place in India.

The group has since requested that the government through Blantyre City Council should suspend the project claiming Malawi doesn’t need racists just as President Peter Mutharika said earlier this year in Rumphi.

“We would like to send a firm message to the government of Malawi and all political leaders that times have changed. We will no longer tolerate greed and being taken for granted.

“The present young generation of Malawi refuses to have this country sold out to foreigners for the purpose of aid and demands that we only be part of developments that maintain our dignity and honour. Stop selling our country and its pride for your short-sighted selfish agendas,” reads part of the statement.

The statement has been signed by Mkotama Katenga-Kaunda, Wonderful Mkhutche, Mpambira Kambewa, Pemphero Mphande, Howard Mlozi and Bright Mlombonji Chiswamtawa.