‘MCP also needs a foreign president’ – Malawians react to Chakwera’s proposal


Malawians have poured scorn on Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president, Lazarus Chakwera’s proposal to hire a foreigner as boss of the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB).

On social media, Malawians have condemned Chakwera for preferring foreigners over locals.

Lazarus Chakwera

Chakwera, several people have rejected his idea.

Journalist Peter Makossah advised Chakwera to also pave way for a foreigner to become MCP presidential candidate since Malawians have failed to lead the party to victory in elections.

“I think Dr. Lazarus Chakwera is right. We need a foreign Director at the country’s graft busting body, ACB.

“But equity is equality, they say, so let us start with a foreign president at MCP. MCP has failed with a local candidate for the last 30 years. MCP, needs a wise and dynamic foreign leader with a winning mentality more than ACB needs one.

“I suggest MCP should look for a Burundian to be its presidential candidate in 2019.

“Anything foreign is good, according to Dr. Chakwera. Let’s do this Abusa,” Makossah wrote.

In their reactions, some Malawians said the president should stop being involved in the firing and hiring of the ACB director general if the bureau is to be reformed.

“Za wakunjazo ayi. Just put in place adequate controls on appointment of the czar. An independent body to vet, Parliament to confirm. The czar to report to Parliament not president etc. Wakunja adzidzadya makobili athu when we are roaming the streets without jobs mxiii,” said Evance Kamaliza.

While Fezilano Phyodollico Chilowa wrote: “That cannot change anything as long as the chosen one is still sharing side with the president. We can still do better with impartial local bosses. We don’t need foreigners to control our affairs as if we don’t have capable people here and remember we are sovereign state. We have seen auditors being hired from abroad and still get bribed only to produce useless results. We don’t need this trash.”



  1. Ha is this how a person of his calibre thinks ? He is not fit to become a president .
    Ukoooooooo!!!! That’s an insult . that is to say we don’t have capable and strong people who can occupy that office if you can read his statement in between lines .
    Ndakwiya naweeeee wamvaaa .

  2. This man wants to be Malawi president and he has such stupid ideas!! What was breaking the stupid federation all about then Mr Chakwera? Please dont elect this man he will sell our country.

    You are admitting that you cant do it Bambo Chakwera!

  3. It will not be wrong to suggest that Malawians have failed to bring a meaningful results as heads of ACB. This is an institution which has always been managed by a Malawian. At no point in time has it worked independently and professionally. It will equally be wrong to condemn suggestions that we try a foreigner since any Malawian put their will either be manipulated by our leader or will submit him/herself to be manipulated. until we try someone not aligned to us as Malawians and we get the same result, we cannot denounce any call for a foreign head.

    Even companies outsource that does not means it does not have capable personnel by the ideal is either to explore new ways of doing learn from and then do it yourself later. Right now our national team is being managed/coached by a foreigner no one suggested that even the FAM President should be a foreigner.

    I strongly believe that we Malawian need some with better understanding of how ACB should conduct its business to help and bring us to the level of where other are, rather than pretend to be doing fine when you are failing big time.

    Please stop imposing your views on Malawians, this article has only capture view from 3 people and no way can there views represent views of Malawian. It is views individuals whom you have ably mentioned.

  4. I think Rev. Chakwera has goofed on this one. Kkkkkkk foreigners for what? Cos all these countries are crying because of corruption simply because of lack of proper mechanisms in place .

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