Likoma authorities want people arrested for misusing nets


Stakeholders in Likoma and Chizumulu Islands have vowed to work in conjunction in the combat against the abuse of Insecticides Treated Nets (ITNs) in order to crack down those who misuse the nets.

This comes ahead of the mass distribution campaign of Mosquito nets Championed by Word Vision.

Nets being misused.

Speaking in an interview last Friday, member for Distribution Task Force (DTF), Francis Mvuma, who is also the administrator for St Peters Mission hospital, said they will engage the District Commissioner (DC), in order to find lasting solutions to the challenge, which has been persistent among irresponsible citizens that abuse the mosquito nets for fishing purposes once given.

This comes against the background that majority of people in the Lakeshore areas abuse the usage of the freely issued nets by using them for drying fish as well as fishing, which is not allowed.

He lamented that the issue retards development in the country, because people fail to actively participate in activities meant to revamp the nation when they are hit with Malaria since the ITNs given to them are not used for the intended purpose exposing them to the fatal infection.

Mvuma said: “We would like to inform people that they should cease such kind of malpractice, the Mosquito nets that we distribute to them are meant to protect them against malaria so that they live with good health and contribute positively towards development.”

He went on to say that they have consulted the Traditional Authority  (T/A) Mkumpha 3 to liaise with his subordinates and formulate some bylaws as quickly as possible to caution and bar irresponsible community members from  breaking the law.

“We are encouraging people to rather use other alternatives like buying goose wire for drying fish instead of the ITNs, this is unacceptable,” he said.

In making sure that the abolishment of mismanagement of Mosquito nets is successfully enforced with immediate effect, T/A Mkumpha 3 emphasized that as the authority they will look into the matter and take action with urgency.

He said: “It is very unfortunate that people abuse the Mosquito nets, this is completely not allowed. We will get rid of such kind of unnecessary behaviour.”

On the other hand, the Police have been tasked to be on the forefront enforcing the bylaws once they are

ekwendeni hospital

Mosquito nets: Up for distribution.

successfully passed by arresting those who will be found misusing the nets.

Meanwhile, the mass distribution campaign of Insecticides Treated Nets (ITNs) in Likoma district is slated to start in November 2018 under the Ministry of Health in the National Malaria Control Program