Malawian ambassador living in K10 million a month house

Malawi High Commissioner to Kenya Agrinna Mussa

Government has for the past two years been paying 10 million a month as rent for the house of Malawi’s Ambassador to Kenya.

This is the case even though Malawi already has a house Nairobi which was bought to house the ambassador.

Malawi High Commissioner to Kenya Agrinna Mussa
Malawi High Commissioner to Kenya Agrinna Mussa

According to the Nation on Sunday, Malawi High Commissioner to Kenya Agrinna Mussa refused to continue living in the government-owned house saying it needed to be renovated.

“For two years, Mussa has been housed at Panari (Hotel) luxurious apartment, which is fully furnished and serviced, and is located in Westland in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi,” the paper said.

A receptionist at the hotel confirmed to the paper that Mussa stays at the hotel and she added the most expensive apartment at the hotel costs about $400 (about K300 000 a day or about $13 000 a month).

However, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Relations spokesperson Rejoice Shumba said the rented house costs  $6 000 (about K4.5 million).

Mussa abandoned the government owned apartment after a break-in saying she will return to the residence once it is renovated.

According to spokesperson Shumba, the government owned house has problems with the water system and security fence.

“It is currently under renovation and will be completed when funding is released. It was acquired in 1990 as an unfinished and/ or existing structure and later redesigned and modified to fit the requirements of the Malawi Government,” she said.



  1. Shame on Malawiian we can’t develope because of people like you

  2. We as Malawian is ashamed to the Nation because thats alot of money corruption is everywhere in Malawi poor country .no employment.our school system .roads every thing I hope our president is over sees this problem Malawi is a poor Nation in the sadc region.we depending in South Africa as alternative of surviving but they demand us to have R3000 for the trip while the rich countries . like Zambian Zimbabwe.mozambique there are freely movem

  3. Exactly Malawian people are most poor in the sadc leaders there corrupted.very shame we relaying on one country South Africa because of poverty yet they demanded us to have R3000 for the trip while the Rich countries they go freely

  4. Iweyo mayi mutsa kuno ku malawi mumankhwala nyumba yotani popeza ma landlord akuno ku malawi safuna kukozetsa nyumba or ku painter ndiye iweyo ku kenya kwakoko aboma kugula nyumba ukunama kunkhalamo chifukwa chani muthu ukuchokera ziko rosauka ma nyatsa home of malawi

  5. We work hard for that hill of money.Stop nonsense,think of poor you greedy

  6. That’s too much.That lot can support a number of pple in MALAWI

  7. Mmmmm this is too much, ? dzayambila kulikulu pano izi shame!!!! Koma paja nyimbo anayimba Grace ija “zaulura” ayamba kuululidwa…ok

  8. You africans will never get it, our leaders are not there to work for us. You think she went to school and suffered academic costs to come back and help you? It’s us we must feed them so accept the facts and move on. No African will work for the people even your self.

  9. Oooh shame on you mama musa.Why don’t you help to think this stupit government, by thinking about amphawi osowa ndi slipas yomwe kumudziko. ???yehova akuchezere muntima mwanumo ndithu

  10. Wasting of money without tinking to develope the country shame ?

  11. ?? such alot of money? I cant believe this! Nde akufuna azikhala akulamulilabe kuti azigogo ndi a zi chemwali athu azizuzikabe chosecho ife tikumawapatsa mitsonkho yokadya ku ambasadorship wawowo? Anthuwa mzimu wa umunthu udachokamo kale eti? They are animals ndithu. Yehova atithandize ndithu. Abale athu ambiri akukhala ngati akapolo mu dziko lawo lomwe. GOD HAVE MERCY ON US MALAWIANS.

  12. Anthu ena alibe chisoni ndithu this is selfish, gready, anthu m’mene akuvutikila ndi umphawi pa Malawi some people are busy spending the taxpayers money Lord have mercy

  13. I agree with Mr Nick’s comment that malawi government must only deploy embassies where there is a benefit of trade to our country,you can’t deploy someone to the country which you don’t benefit anything out of it,otherwise it is just a useless expense,Malawi is a small country in which if managed properly it can grow its GDP to more than 15% year to year.The government must also be hard on corruption:getting read of hyenas in the kraal will help the country to grow its economy,as it will also help to bring the MK (Malawi ķwacha) up and be strong as compared to main currencies.i.e.Rand,Dollar or pound.

  14. Even when they are here they are so pompous can’t interact with grass roots and spend money like its getting out of fashion. Don’t see the need of these officials they don’t take care of citizens in foreign countries

  15. They just seat there and waiting money doing nothing. Ambassador or high commissioners should work to bring investors into our country. I don’t see why Malawian government has ambassadors outside the country doing what?

    Same useless ambassador in Dubai and other developed countries. Mukapeza ndi anthu ozikonda kwambiri. Akamakuyankha it’s like you are nothing they do afavor just to talk to you.

  16. For your information, she is the wife of Minister Henry Musa

  17. The mission to kenya is diplomatic ..meaning it s not a trade mission or an economic mission and it is not even a political one has no financial justification as we do not get aid or trade cooperation with Kenya..the amount of trade isn’t enough to warrant an existence of a mission at the tax payers expense, therefore I would close the mission and deal with diplomatic and trade matters as they come..Tanzania never had a diplomatic mission in Malawi for a long never lost the amount of trade or international coporation is almost negligible currently at small business level. I think embassies should only be in counties where we sell our large volume of produce or natural reasorces to as that our only trade.. Countries which has an accountable high Malawian population ….. Countries which have project and major donor countries… We had namibia..Botswana…that’s just a way to filter money out of the country and help individuals who r related or help the party. For example we had a mission in Libya that helped coz we were on the line to get help from them.he cost is that we supported ghadafi who was a brutal dictator not wanted by his people as he didn’t respect if Libya was to be stable and economically sound to be Malawi could have been an enemy and a non beneficially. That’s a London..Toyko..Washington price being paid in Kenya..don’t be a diva just close the embassy and let her come home..I don’t think Malawi is benefiting $300 a day due to her presence

  18. That is cost effective for this government when we are running our hospitals without proper medical equipment or medication! Poor pipo dying when we can afford to spend so much on the privilleged alone! This is why we need to vote in abandonce so we can change our leaders and see what they can bring. Nkhalambazi zikuononga kwambili.

  19. Yes in addition to many other benefits this lady cannot settle for less. Many more tot to be seen!!!! Malawi is really a political podium.

  20. What a waste of money 240m in 2 years, playing with our money. Kkkkkikkk

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