Chakwera caught pants down


The words you say today will come back to haunt you tomorrow, nowhere can these words ever be truer than to Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera.

Four years ago, Chakwera mocked recycled politicians saying they change parties in order to stay in politics.

Chakwera has changed his stance.

In the run-up to the 2014 presidential polls, Chakwera condemned parties which put recycled politicians in National Executive Committee (NEC) positions saying it creates problems when the party goes into government.

He also criticised presidential candidates who overlooked members of their parties when picking runningmates.

“Candidates have gone out of their elected structures to pick somebody else as their runningmate when actually in their party they have structures.

“MCP believes we must create structures between a president and vice president and that is the reason I chose Richard Msowoya to be my running mate so that we can start to practise intraparty politics that will be reflected on a higher level when we take the presidency.

“We need to understand that some of these problems that have a history to them, these are the ones that have contributed to producing what has become known as recycled politicians. People that move from one party to the other, wear one colour, and shout another slogan today in order for them to stay in politics. We say nothing of that sort should happen in Malawi Congress Party,” Chakwera said during the 2014 elections presidential debate.

The video of Chakwera making the sentiments has been shared widely on social media as people believes the coming of MCP vice president Sidik Mia into the party is a sign that Chakwera has changed his stance.

Mia has previously been a member of United Democratic Front, Democratic Progressive Party and People’s Party when the parties were in government.

Earlier this month, Mia was elected MCP first vice president and he is expected to be Chakwera’s running mate in the 2019 elections.

Some politicians who were given NEC positions without contesting are also people who have been changing political parties over the years.



  1. Let’s focus on the future,i don’t see any problem with mia being vice president for MCP if he was in DPP or UDF what the issue even we change jobs.amalawi nthawi zone kulemba zoyipa osalembako zabwino chonde tiyeni tisinthe khalidwe lonyasali

  2. I hope Chakwela has seen something in Mia that can help the party to win the elections in 2019. He can’t just pick someone without nothing in him/her and be his running mate. Chakwela is not stupid, he knows what he is doing. Let us wait and see

  3. Politics is just another hot business as long as you got what it takes

  4. I don’t think it will ever open this online news again. It’s useless

  5. Lol mr writer if Mr Mia came to the party and was voted its got nothing to do with Dr Chakwera write sensible things here.Are trying to politic or just reminding people what was said but the mcp president?

  6. politics,a game well known to be dirty,the financial muscle weighs in much in politics,having a good belt of followers puts your influence at another level as well,relying on the media has proved to shock masses fake news misrepresent,that’s why Mrs Clinton can’t believe it up to date. You give n take,you can’t go it alone.Nothing new n nothing wrong,the game isn’t clean

  7. Mcp ikutenga boma basi just imagine ku bt kuli councillor wao ku mangochi anapeza MA vote 1200 PA ward,

  8. I think zolembazo zathawa mmutu ,wolembawa nthawi zina amagula nkhani ndiye pitani kalandeni ndalama zanu baba 2019 MCP # chakwela ,tatopa kusamva zomwe President akunena ,anvekele oooollll! Ndiwakuti ameneyo ,tikufuna onena sentence zomveka bwino ngati kuli boma ndi MCP basi ,amene alowa mchipani ngati ndiwa dzelu akhoza kukhala vise ,simuja bingo anasiya chake nkuka Ku UDF ndiye mmala

  9. Yes, I think the writer is still at Mbayani
    Primary school

  10. Mwatibera timaona ngati agwidwa chigololo, akutumani a chilima kampain eti?

  11. Atolankhani osauka.this whole nkhani is meaningless.ofcoz the cashgaters are moneying your pocket..but remember the yrs spent at college just to praise the failures

  12. Politicians can’t simply be trusted. They speak with their mouths but their convictions are in their stomachs

  13. Kkkkkkk pa Malawi amsoyoya mtithandiza chain?mnalephela kale inu asiyeni a ZANU atibwelesela mavoti,msagawe MCP iyayi chonde ndi boma kale 2019

  14. Nanga ngati Amsowoya mutu wao ndiosathandiza mmafuna akharebe pa mpandopo ndi cholinga choti azaluze? Asiyeni apange zolimbitsa chipani osati mukukambazo za m’khutu. Iyaaaa!!!!

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