Mutharika says blackouts are a temporary problem


President Peter Mutharika has claimed that the blackouts Malawians experience every year are a temporary problem.

The president made the remarks when opening the 30th Malawi International Trade Fair in Blantyre on Thursday.

Peter Mutharika

Mutharika opening the 30th Malawi International Trade Fair.

He noted that the power cuts are affecting companies in the country but he assured the private sector that the problem is temporary since his government is resolving the issue using long lasting solutions.

“Malawi neglected expanding power generation for fifty years. Now, we are facing consequences. We have lined up various projects in coal power, wind power, solar power, geothermal and hydro power to resolve the energy deficit once and for all. By expanding and diversifying power generation, we are doing what this country could not do in fifty years,” he said.

In his speech, Mutharika observed that the job of government is to provide an environment that is conducive for private sector growth and that people have a responsibility to take advantage of the environment government creates.

He said one of the ways his government is creating such an environment is through stabilising the economy.

Mutharika said his administration has reduced inflation to single digit and has made prices more stable and predictable. He added that government has kept the Kwacha stable and business planning more possible.

“We have reduced interest rates to make businesses access capital from banks more easily. We have taken our forex reserves to the highest levels to enable business trade internationally with ease.

“Our vision remains to make Malawi a producing and exporting nation. This vision demands an innovative industry. Our mission is to create a productive economy where citizens participate in growing the economy. This means we are set to nurture the private sector as a productive unit of the economy,” Mutharika said.

He also mentioned construction of roads, introduction of national identity cards and technical colleges as some of the developments that should excite the private sector.




  1. Truth be told Mr President, there are answers people cannot wait for ever. You are a very intelligent president but one thing you do consistently is not to understand how people on the ground feel about you. You are taking too long to deal with this electricity problem and one thing I can assure you is, an investor will take his money else where, where he will not be in the dark while doing business. The countries that attract direct foreign investment don’t play cat and mouse games they hit the ground running by putting together most of the things that can attract those investors. Why do we seem to hear the same excuses all the time meanwhile investors are looking at other destinations for their money and we are missing out on the share of the pie. Just wake up guys. Look at What Cyril Ramaphosa is doing he inherited a completely corrupt government institutions but in 100 days he has been in office there are sweeping changes and people can feel them. What’s wrong with us?

  2. Kkkkkkkk Mr Muthalika now you have seen that malawians are stupid and foolish people! Chaponda no case, Joyce banda no case, bakili no case hahahahahaha, tell them the generators are functioning properly and are for free they wont do anything because they are still asleep and gonna vote for you again when they wake up!

  3. I guess the opposite of temporal is permanence. There is no hope of immediate change in a permanent problem. But there is always a hope of change in a temporarily problem. This problem is indeed temporal in the sense that it will never be there for ever, it will be history one day but good & permanent plants has to be put in place either by this administration or the others to come. The other three previous regimes made a mistake by not putting in place permanent solution to this problem. Letso hope by the end of this gvt the problem will be solved as they claim.

  4. How a temporary can be more than two decades? Be serious Mr President. This is not the time to tell fake news.

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