Youths encouraged to plant trees

Sambadzukulu woodlot
T/A Nkhumba
T/A Nkhumba: Chiefs should not entertain people who are cutting down trees carelessly.

Youths in the country have been urged to plant more trees so as to make that future generation avoid effects of climate change which most part of the world is facing.

Forestry Plantation Manager for Phalombe district, Ajibu Liwasa, said this during tree planting event organized by Phalombe Hand for Orphan and Youth Organization (PHOYO) at Minyenje CDSS in the district.

“I know we have all here ate mangoes, but tell me how many have at least planted one mango tree this year? Please let’s not wait for the dead to come and plant trees for us and for our children,” said Liwasa.

He added that youths should make sure that they are in forefront in protecting trees that have been planted so that many should survive.

Traditional Authority Mkhumba concurred with the forestry officer and she advised chiefs that fall under her authority that they should not entertain people who are cutting down trees carelessly in their respective villages.

“Let me thank PHOYO for what they are doing today, but my fellow chiefs let’s help these youths in protecting these trees from charcoal burners and their friends,” said Mkhumba.

On his part, Executive Director for PHOYO, Dan Thomas said their organization will continue planting trees in the district and he asked other youths to borrow a leaf.

“Today we have planted over 150 trees around this newly established school, and we won’t stop here as we are targeting to plant close to 1000 trees. And it’s my plea to my fellow youths that lets take part in conserving the environment,” Thomas said.

PHOYO is a nongovernmental organization which teaches youths on different issues that affect them such as sexual reproductive health environmental management and among others.