Parliamentary caucus to fight for women

Jessie Kabwila

Parliamentary Women Caucus has said it will continue to fight for all women and make sure their views are represented in Parliament.

Chairperson for the caucus Jessie Kabwila made the remarks on the sidelines of a three day workshop the caucus organised with SADC Parliamentary Women Caucus and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) aimed at discussing ways of empowering women and ending violence among girls.

Jessie Kabwila
Kabwila: We will continue to fight for all women.

Friday was the third day of the workshop and the main objective focused on development of a gender responsive oversight model which women parliamentary caucuses in the SADC region can use to monitor implementation of resolutions made at the 60th session of UN Commission on the Status of Women.

Kabwila said the caucus wants to make sure that women are not being discriminated against and that they are included in national budget.

“Parliamentary caucus will make sure that our budget is including women. We cannot talk about fighting HIV and AIDS without putting money on it and other areas like back to school campaigns need money to be achieved,” she explained.

Kabwila went on to say that the group wants to see women in rural areas getting equal opportunities as their counterparts in urban areas regardless of their education standards.

Responding to a question on 50-50 campaign, Kabwila said they will make sure that women have key positions in Parliament and other sectors to represent other women both in rural and urban areas.