MCP rejects K4 billion fund

Lazarus Chakwera

The Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has said its legislators will not receive money from the controversial K4 billion special fund.

Last week, Members of Parliament (MPs) approved the allocation to be shared among 193 constituencies for projects.

Eisenhower Mkaka
Mkaka: MCP will reject the funds.

But Deputy Secretary General for main opposition party Eisenhower Mkaka told the local media that the MCP will reject the funds.

He hinted that party president Lazarus Chakwera has now got more information on the funding hence the U-turn.

“This issue happened within two days and the leader of opposition was trying to get as much information on the issue as possible. That is why he made a statement that he does not want to be party to the experiment that government is making with people’s money.

“In other words, he does not want to entertain the so called K3.2 billion,” Mkaka told the local media.

Meanwhile, civil society organisations have hailed MCP for the change of heart saying the party has taken a commendable step.

Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe initially allocated the money to 86 MPs who blocked the electoral reforms bills last year.

The move was widely condemned and the allocation was deemed illegal since it was not approved by Parliament and there were also questions over the source of the money.

But last week the MPs legalised the funds after government agreed to share the money among all 193 constituencies.



  1. Ummbuli. Ndalama zipita ku ma councils. The money is not for parties it is for constituencies. It is them who have authorised treasuru to dismburse the funds. Akuuti chani kwenikweni? Sizachhiipani ndalamazi abale

  2. A chakwera analandira kale zawo akupusisa ndani you don’t accept things in parliament then you go and reject to the media that shows he don’t know what he does don’t be more power Hungary because it’s not your turn it’s for Chris Daza 2019 not you chakwera.

  3. MCP has been there since time immemorial, it is impossible to accept something in Parliament and reject it in media.The Hansard has it all,go to Parliament and remove the acceptance then media.otherwise it doesn’t make sense if you are an mp,its like you vote for DPP and after realizing you were supposed to vote for MCP you want to open the ballot and say you made a mistake cause DPP has won,your vote was for MCP that’s impossible.

    1. Know that nothing is in concrete, one can reverse the earlier decision if it was in bad taste. Legislators should think of priority areas such as health, education and the unemployed teachers and nurses. For how long will pupils continue to learn while seated on the ground under the tree shade? Malawi a shithole?

    2. the process of reversing is complicated, mcp can’t call for Parliament to do that,as it is, money will be disbursed and it is in order. how did mcp approve money with unknown mysterious source? that’s why boma ndi boma basi

    3. But it’s not too late to reject the stolen money. MCP has a right to reject that blood coated money at any time. Blavo mighty MCP!

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