Malawians label banned song as a prayer for the country

Sir Patricks

Malawians have lamented the ban of Sir Patricks’ song Ndife Ana Anu by Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) saying the song is a prayer for the country.

The state broadcaster is reported to have thrown the song into the trash barrel on claims that it carries anti-government message.

Sir Patricks
Sir Patricks

However the media outlet denied receiving the song from the artist.

But Malawi24 understands that the song which was delivered in both audio and visual at MBC, once enjoyed airplay despite the public broadcaster’s denial to have received the music.

In an ongoing review of the events building up the story, people have condemned MBC for politicizing everything. Music fans says the song in question is deemed to be a strong prayer that depicts the singer’s love for his country.

The message of the song dwells on asking God to consider Malawi as he blesses other nations. The prayer is built on the fact that Malawi is a poor nation with a humble economy.

The musician in the song then pleads with God to bless leaders in the country.

“It’s sad that music with positive message is getting banned for political reasons. Is that song not a prayer for Christ sake?” wondered James Ndelemani.

Ndife Ana Anu which means we are your children has also been judged to be free from any form of negativity towards the government.

“When I listen to the song, all I hear is a prayer for the nation just like in the national anthem,” said Nyokase Mpinga.


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