African musicians told to emulate Nigerian artists

Ano Shumba

Zimbabwean journalist and music critic Ano Shumba has advised musicians from other countries in Africa to emulate their Nigerian counterparts if their talent is to reach greater heights.

This follows Nigeria`s continued dominance in African music with musicians from that country maintaining the high bar. Besides the country having many top musicians to boast about, it is also considered to have impressive emerging talent.

Shumba:The rest of African countries need to up their game.

The Zimbabwean acknowledged the underdevelopment of music in all African countries except Nigeria. On Thursday he said that there is need for intensive efforts from the countries if there is to be an enhancement in their respective music industries.

“Besides Nigeria, the rest of African countries need to up their game. Nigeria is far much ahead when it comes to music,” said Shumba

True to his views, Nigerian music is followed in almost every African country due to high quality as well as massive promotion. With resourceful management, musicians from the West African country manage to flood continental content providers with their work.

However, some quarters argue that most African countries are producing good music just that they lack resources. Others believe Nigeria is only trending and that does not mean the state of affairs will remain static.

South Africa is argued to come second behind Nigeria when it comes to having popular musicians. However, others rank it on top when it comes to high quality production due to the availability of audio and visual studios of international standard.




  1. African refuse to learn from one another . i do not why the Guy straight article caption other Africans should learn from Nigeria in music .but his true statement misinterpreted by others .Nigerians not in isolation and very arrogance in learning from others.

  2. We must make a different in this, why not tell those Nigerians to emmulate us first? What is so special in their music? Atleast in malawi whenever our musician sing the song in English we hear and understand good English unlike Nigerians, so you must first tell those Nigerians to correct their English Grammar whenever they are using English in their music!

  3. Whats so special about nigerians’ music? I dont see good songs from them what i know is malawians naking good songs, dont make us sell our culture for popular

  4. Tell them to sell their souls to the devil “joining illuminati” that’s the only way to make world wide don’t fool us with *emulate Nigerian artist* we no fools qhaaa!!

    1. This fame thing isn’t ryt bra, how many people do buy music now a days that can make an artist acquire millions with just a single track??

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