Police arrest killer driver


Police in Blantyre are keeping in custody 36 year old Lee Mlele for killing three people through reckless driving.

According to Blantyre police publicist Augustus Nkhwazi, on 11th January the suspect was driving a Nissan Navara registration number BR 4482 from Kameza roundabout towards Chirimba along Zalewa road.

MachingaAs he was passing near Mlombwa CCAP junction, he hit four male pedestrians who were walking on the left side of the road.

Nkhwazi said the victims were rushed to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital where two were pronounced dead upon arrival. Few hours later on the same day another victim died while receiving treatment. The three died of severe head injuries.

One of the pedestrians is still admitted at the same facility and is being treated for severe head injuries such that he can’t talk.

Two of the deceased persons and the victim who is receiving treatment remain unidentified but one of deceased persons bears the name of Eliah Joseph Tamayenda aged 34.

The publicist further said one of the victims is about 1.58m tall, brown in complexion, and has shaved hair with round-shaven chin. At the time of the accident, he was wearing a black T-shirt with white spots labelled ‘A’ around the chest area and a black pair of jean trousers.

Another victim is of medium height (about 1.55m tall) brown in complexion and has dreadlocks. He was wearing a whitish long-sleeved shirt and a pair of bluish jean shorts.

The other one (Eliah Joseph Tamayenda) is tall (about 1.6m), medium, light in complexion and at the time of the accident, he was wearing a brown long-sleeved shirt, navy-blue t-shirt and a blue pair of jean trousers.

Police have since advised the general public that if anyone know the victims or their relative is missing, they should report to any nearest Police.

Bodies of the three are being kept at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital mortuary while the injured victim is also being treated at the same hospital in ward 5A.

The suspect is expected to appear before court soon to answer charges of causing death by reckless driving contrary to section 126 of the Road Traffic Act.



  1. Reckless driving is an offence under the laws of Malawi, bt the punishment is wht matters, they are only gvn payable fines while relatives of the deceased weep 4ever. This is not good… Mmmmmh.