Blantyre Synod investigating Billy Gama


The Blantyre Synod of the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP) says it is investigating authenticity of pictures which circulated on social media showing Reverend Billy Gama with a young woman at a beach.

According to information sourced by Malawi24, the synod is investigating Gama who is Mulanje CCAP moderator and will make conclusions in line with its internal governance policy procedure.
In a letter signed by synod secretary Reverend Alex Maulana, the synod has also apologised for the distress the picture has caused on its members.

Billy Gama
CCAP says it is investigating authenticity of this picture.

“In meantime the synod would like to register its apologies for any inconvenience and distress that this story has caused on its members and members of the general public at large,” reads the synod statement.

Gama found himself engulfed in the scandal in early days of 2018 when the picture depicting him with the young woman suspected to be his lover went viral on social media.

The reverend however claimed that the picture was photoshopped, according to a post that also circulated on social media.

“I categorically deny my identity in that picture. I have seen it and it shocks me that people are associating me with that man. I wish people would search my pictures online and compare with that man. We are two different people,” Reverend Gama said.
Gama added that the story affected him as a person and pastor.

He said: “I am a respected family man and pastor who leads thousands of church members as such these kind of evil fabrications have a bearing on both my family and church. It is very wrong. May God forgive all who injured me without first verifying the contents of that picture.”



  1. Even if it is established that the story appears to be true, Blantyre synod will never dare to tell the public the truth. I bet you. This can be suicide of highest level to the church and an embarrassment to APM and DPP. So the outcome will only be put under the carpet. Don’t expect any reasonable results but same old story, “the story is fake meant to tarnish the good image of the Blantyre CCAP church and Gama’s family.”

  2. Kalipo-kalipo… What has made the synod launch the investigation? That means it is him in the picture? What was he doing their? There is indeed need 4an investigation… Mmmmmmh.

  3. I know Rev .Dr Billy Gama very well .He couldent Challenge God sit at a open beach behind a young girl.Media is good but sametimes is becaming damaging.People have lost lifes because of such damages.If the photographer was Godly.Immediately he would have intervein and pray with Gama.He is a.person like any.other person .David in the bible refused to.put hand in soul because he was annoited by God .Dont invite casts blindly.Let Billy Game himself talk to God not saneone bring trouble to the family.May God forgive those who put others in problem.

  4. David in 1samuel said.I shall not put my hanf on thr anoited man of God.Iknow Rev.Billy Gama very well.He could not challenge God sitting behind her duaghter looking at s photographer.What interest had the photographer to publish such shamefull image.What he should know is thst people can not stop praising God under CCAP because of such damages.A true Chtistian in this case would have interveined Gama and pray for him to change.He is a person ;he is bound to sin.However;the aproach of put such image to me is unGodly.May God The Father ;The Son ;and The Holy Spirt help us in understanding of who human is and who Angel is.God bless you all.

  5. Koma mzochititsa manyazi kwambiri coz zinthu ngati izi sizimaenela kuwachitikila Abusa amenenso amatha kumanga mabanja, ndiye pakuti chouluka chimatela apatu nkutheka kuti tsiku lotela lakwana, kodi magulu ake siomwewa aja adamanga ukukwati wamunthu sapita nku chalitchi komwewa? Kungomangila ndalama osati ndondomeko yake. Mmmm shame on you pastor

  6. Ndani sanachimwepo? It is a sin because it’s in public domain? Most of us have our weaknesses. The best approach is to encourage each other not judging each other rest we be judged

  7. No need for investigation the issue was simple and straightforward forward and everyone saw it but they wanna vindicate him for other reasons then it’s ok than waisting time, recourses and energy investigating something that u already have the facts

  8. Noooo! Is that beach pic of Rev Gama? I know him personally but if it is true, I m ashamed. Maybe they re jst throwing mud at him. Shame!!

  9. Who is rushers????? Anthu inu olema ndi othodwa nkhawa ZANU mmayenera kupititsa kut kod. Ka anachitadi ka ayi msiiren Yehova u will see. Sindikuiira kumbuyo munthu but nanunso who are are being used to post this penapake mukukaiitsa. Tiyeni tiyende mmawu ngat okhulupilira pliz………dzitayitseni nthawi ndikufufuzako….

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