Devotion: Program yourself for greater levels in 2018


Ezekiel 47:3-5 “And when the man went out to the east with the line in his hand, he measured one thousand cubits, and he brought me through the waters; the water came up to my ankles. Again he measured one thousand and brought me through the waters; the water came up to my knees.

Again he measured one thousand and brought me through; the water came up to my waist. Again he measured one thousand, and it was a river that I could not cross; for the water was too deep, water in which one must swim, a river that could not be crossed.”

BibleI heard two men arguing recently, one openly declared that 2018 was his greater year and another one said nothing will change only dates will change so he warned the friend not to expect much.

These are two different people with different mindsets and they will get different results based on their programming.

The first one is programming himself for success and that’s what he would get. The other one is programming himself for failure and that what he would get too.

According to opening scripture, the small waters had become a deep water and that’s what you need to expect. What are waters. Revelation 17:15 tells us that the waters are multitudes, people, languages and nations.

Then John 7:39 says the waters represent the Holy Spirit. So as you enter the new year expect a greater dimension with the Spirit which will make your impact be felt among nations, multitudes and many people.

Are you in business, are you a student, are you an artist or are you doing something? Its now time to plan globally. Local can’t contain you for long because rivers are flowing in your life. Rivers of the Spirit of God.

Position yourself for a greater success in the coming year and that’s what we are positioning for.

Additional scripture:Psalm107:23-24 “They that go down to the sea in ships, that do business in great waters; These see the works of the LORD, and his wonders in the deep.”

Join us for Rhema Cross Over Night and get the Word and Impartation for 2018 at 630pm Sunday 31 December 2017 at any of our branches or here at Head Office at Baptist media center opposite Wanderers football club house near Kamuzu Stadium.


My impact is felt among many. I am positioned for greater exploits in 2018. Am moving for current glory to a greater glory in Jesus Name. Amen.+265888326247, +265 881 28 35 24, +265997 53 80 98



  1. whatever we do this year must make agood difference like what the waters of this river was to do in the sea. The water was to sustain and promote growth of all living organism in the sea

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