Malawi beats UK on child health

Dental Health

Children in Malawi are better on dental health than those from the United Kingdom, a charity organization working on dentistry has said.

The organisation, Dentaid has made the revelations as cases of children seeking help on their teeth has escalated in the UK than in countries like Malawi where it is also running similar projects.

Children in Malawi are better on dental health (

The Mirror quotes Chief executive Andrew Evans as having said: I have heard dentists saying it is worse than at one of our projects in Malawi.

They are struggling to eat because they are in so much pain.

Its pain you cant get away from. Imagine that happening and not being able to access care.

It adds: “The latest stats reveal 160 kids are having teeth removed under general anaesthetic in England every day.”

According to a National Oral Health Survey, conducted in 2013, dental issues in Malawi are worrisome.

The survey found that one in five (21 %) adolescents aged 12 to 15 years old and half (49 %) of adults aged 35 years or more had dental caries, half (48 %) and 80 % of the population aged 3544, 6574 years had missing teeth respectively.

Toothache, dental caries and missing teeth were more frequent in females than males and prevalence in the urban was as high as in rural areas.

Oral hygiene was poor with less than 40 % of the population brushed their teeth twice a day and tobacco smoking was high, particularly in men where prevalence was 23 %,” reads the findings of the study in part as published on BMC Oral Health BioMed Central website.



  1. Who said Malawian children are supposed to be behind UK.

    This is rubbish intact there are more intelligent people in MALAWI than UK.

  2. In Malawi we eat sugarcanes, thats a toothbrush on its own. In uk most of the have chocolates, sweets and other sweet products. So what do u expect the results will be? Obvious odya nzimbe mano ake akhala olimba. Osati poti amadziwa kutsuka, no!

  3. Mano awonongeka bwanji poti akadya chotsekemera ndi misale kapena mapesi achimanga (misinde ) ku UK kuli cake,ma biscuit,sugar ndingambwingambwi.Kuno ana amadya kuyambira mamawa phala la nchere akatero kudya ndi 3 o’clock kalongonda wanchere,mazulo angobwira nandolo wanchere.
    Phwanya yake imeneyi angakhale tizilombo toononga manoto tingaimepo?.Hahahaaaaaa zinazi kumaganiza musananyadile.

  4. I guess the main cause is our poverty in Malawi, since a UK child can afford to go for sweet things like chocolates, buiscults, ice creams and all soughts of sweet taste than a Malawian child who can even eat porridge without sugar due to poverty affliations…………………..In so do doing, yape we can beat the UK child on dental issues more than on Malaria i guess.

    malawi beats uk on cholera mgt……… Cholera kills while dental prblm impair looks & bring new laughing mode to those………..!!! We should effort on cholera then dental

  6. Once peter mutharika hears this will say its bcoz of dpp. Economy ikuyenda bwino pple are able to buy toothbrush and colgate for their children.

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