Chakwera is foul mouthed – Mutharika


Despite saying that name calling is bad in politics, President Peter Mutharika has described Leader of Opposition Lazarus Chakwera as foul mouthed.

The president said this during an interview with Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS).

Mutharika: I called Chakwera foul mouthed because I think he is.

Asked why he called the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Chakwera foul mouthed, Mutharika said he believes that is what Chakwera is.

“I called Chakwera foul mouthed because I think he is,” he said.

The president however maintained that he condemns name-calling in politics.

“I don’t take opposition’s criticism of my administration personally although I think name calling is not right,” Mutharika said.

During a speech in Parliament recently, Chakwera attacked Mutharika calling him a prince of thieves leading a corrupt administration.

Mutharika had earlier described Chakwera as a mentally ill person with fake degrees.

On the 2019 elections, Mutharika said his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is ready to form alliances with other parties ahead of the elections.

In October, the DPP won one of six seats during by-elections which saw the MCP winning the rest of the five seats (three parliamentary seats and two local government).

The ruling party is already working with the United Democratic Front (UDF)



  1. Let Chakwera be that because he is voicing out on mutharika’s stupidity…..
    Prince of thieves’ brain is full shit that’s why malawians are still suffering

  2. Peter is a worst nightmare malawians have ever seen and dreamnt of….. infact he is a greatest fool because a President cannot waste his time competing with The Opposition…

  3. Pitalayu ndi baraba, amalawi kaya chiyani wenanu mavuto ali tho+ kiling of un innocent pple,coruption and milions of pr

  4. MUthalika is buzy&fear with chakwela coz he never take sit &thinks diply 4wat malawian suffers &complain with.

  5. In his eyez he has been obsevd dat profesor L chakwela is nt playng wth politix, he is serius wth de prblem of malawians

  6. When development issues are being posted no one comment but when it comes to unnecessary issues everyone stops what is doing and comment. Amalawi24 muzisankha nkhani zopanga post osati china chilichonse, zinazi zongodanisapo anthu.

  7. Old people always are difficult to understand things. Peter have more problems he is the one have bad mounth talking shirt.

  8. Zamveka kunyasa lelo coz wayankhula ndi Peter koma akanayankhula Chakwela bwezi anthu akuyamikila kuti wayankhula bwino. Ndale zakumalawi musaziiwale musakhale ngati anthunu ndinu alendo

  9. Yes dpp is working with udf through corruption u are buying mps for other parties that’s we calling u are number one for corruption what about your juniors like ministers ,George Chaponda was not wrong bcs of u what u doing bambo

  10. Ngati timpasa zaka zina zisanuso, Malawi ma engene yose ya magesi yazakhara yaonengeka tizagwilisa ntchito ma candle, work up look where we are and where we are going. Do not choose a reader because he is educated let choose the reader who have a vision of our nation.

    • Talking as if you dont have vision yourself za candle ukunenazo zingathekedi Mmalawi muno? How do you know that the one you want most to be a leader of this country has a vision. Umalandirapo pocommenter izi eti? Plz stop foretelling future events.

  11. We need development not your arguments we want to see good roads medicine in our hospitals jobs to poor people things like that not your fighting please

  12. We had Kamuzu Banda then Bakili Mulunzi followed by Bingu and that amai J B now Peter surely Peter’s time also is about to face an exit Only God knows who is next

  13. Can u tell yo so-called president to stop his criticism and try to concentrate on issues that are affecting Malawians? Coz no matter how hard he may try to buy our sympathy we Malawians will not waist our time listening to him…All what we wanna hear is that Malawi is back to it’s lost glory and that electricity is no longer a problem, we want a better Malawi a corrupt free nation him and his friends should stop stealing our resources…Critics hasn’t started today even him criticised Dr Joyce Banda during the time of office so what’s new to him????

  14. The energy exuding inside Peter and Chakwera is very interesting, eye-catching but not inspiring, for it does not reciprocate the political and economic direction of this country. You see, every sane person can easily tell that our grandpa who is now cruising towards Eighty is asleep and heavily snoring while on duty.However, Change is what we want but if not careful, Change is what will even badly damage our already nose-diving economy. Its clear that some of us will hardly be understood because we choose to say things as they are. You see, An accent should never be used as a criteria in determining the right candidate for the presidency. Last night, l was there watching A conversation with Mr.President beemed on ZODIAK. When Peter was asked about his landmarks in three years as a president,the old man seemingly looked insecure and cornered to ouline his achievements.As l always say, In life, we do not always do what we want to do.Sometimes fate pushes us in other directions and Peter is just a good example. So, as l analyse Peter’s landmarks in three years,Ladies and gentlemen i am also analysing Chakwera’s landmarks theoritically.And l hate to be the one saying that ” I’m at loss”. Because l refuse to have a change for the sake of having it. I foretold about Peter way back and i’m afraid the same Rationale and hypothesis is matching that of Chakwera.

  15. When Chakwera Speaks, Pitala and all his Cadets open Bowels for 6 hours non stop! No wonder they jealous and hate him kkkkkkk. Infact Chakwera has more wisdom and intelligence than the old mouth- drought fake Americano polofesala!

  16. Matias Kapito is a DPP cadet. Check every post he comment. I am sure he is here to spy(kapirikoni,kazitape,kazitule,) if I wrong check all his comments he is being paid for that

  17. Bwana ,Chakwera is foul mouth coz he criticises you, when you have done something wrong,Prof Chakwera continue speaking for the poor and the voiceless,you’re are our state capture

  18. Can we conclude that the kid who talked about blackouts to APM is Chakweras’ grandchild or is also foul mouthed?,if not then its like Joseph who was hated,ill talked by his brothers,”mlota maloto”,got sold later became a greatman:Lazarus Chakwera#

  19. Am not surprised! everyone who is able to uncover the incompetence, ineptness and clueless governance of this leadership will surely get a label of foul mouthed. Am expecting the same label of foul-mouth to be given to the kid of the century who asked Peter about the chronic electricity crisis hahahaha. All peter wants is daft people who will clap hands and admire his incompetence and failure. Day in day out we are witnessing remarks that show that peter is enjoying sleepless nights because of chakwera, am sure he can even divorce his wife should she dare to mention the name chakwera! the moment peter hear the name chakwera he trembles uncontrollably, either one likes it or not peter feels chakwera is his biggest threat period! We need malawians who have the guts to speak out and make their feelings felt.

    • kkkkkkk this man called Matias Kapito or Stevie Mukapata Kaliate his head is not working properly, he was supposed to be sent to Mental Hospital for check up instead of Mr Vincent Wandale. What did he benefit from APM leadership (people without direction)

    • Zoona akulimbana ndi mmalawi weni weni Chakwera alibe problem vuto ndi bwanawo.Ali ndintchito yosayamba moti pano tulo sakulipeza daily kulira.enawa man muzingowapenya.Chakwera ndi mwana weni weni wa pamalawi enawo alibe mbali

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