3 year old girl drowns


A three-year-old girl died on Friday in Ntchisi after drowning in a well from which she wanted to draw water for watering a tobacco nursery.

Police have identified the deceased as Yankho Pearson of Kawenje Village in the area of Traditional Authority Chilooko in the district.

According to Ntchisi police station public relations officer Sergeant Gladson M’bumpha, a police report indicates that the child on the fateful day left her parents with the intention of drawing water for the tobacco nursery.

He said the girl used to go to the well with her parents but this time she went alone.

He added that after the parents observed the child’s disappearance, they started hunting for her.

They later found her dead in a well close to the tobacco nursery.

M’bumpha said: “The matter was reported to the police who later visited the scene of the incident and took the dead body to Malomo Health centre.”

Postmortem conducted at the health facility revealed that death was due to suffocation and no foul play is suspected.

In another development, Police in Dedza have arrested 12 people for being found in possession of cannabis sativa which is popularly known as Chamba and engaging in gambling.

Dedza police public relations officer, Subinspector Edward Kabango said the suspects, six males and five females, were arrested during a sweeping exercise which the police conducted in crime prone areas of the district over the week ahead of the festive season.

Kabango said the male suspects were arrested for being found in possession of cannabis sativa while the females were found engaging in gambling around the boma.

According to Kabango, the suspects who were found in possession of cannabis sativa are Haji Domoya aged 21, Louis Gwaza aged 21, Jaba Benson, 23, Salimu Benjamin aged 23, Chaona Nkope, 19, and Junior Chamagomo.

The females are Grace Saizi, 33, Dorothy Zuze aged 24, Magret Eliot, 31, Brenda Chisale, 20, and Chisomo Banda aged 25.

According to Kabango, all the suspects were arrested within Dedza Boma and will appear in court soon to answer their charges.



  1. I think its not true…well singaoneke choncho…that is a big river or a lake…look at the hand exposed, it is not of a child…please dont confuse the masses. ..if u dont hv news be silent i beg

  2. Wolemba nkhaniyi amayenela atafufuza bwinobwino kaye asanalembe nkhaniyi. Nzachisoni kuti tataya mwana amene mwina akanazakhala wofunikila pachitukuko cha dziko. Koma kunena zoona mwana wa dzaka zitatu sangatumidwe kukathilira nazale ya fodya, paja imeneyi ndi ntchito yolemetsa. @Malawi 24, be serious, can a 3 year child lift up a 10 litres water can? I wonder which part of Nchisi where tobacco growers have not yet transplanted their nurseries??

    I think you should have reported about the accident not implicating the tobacco industry in Malawi! Remember, tobacco industry plays a very big role in the economy of Malawi our nation. Logically, a 3 year old child is too small to do tobacco nursery watering.

    Let us point out the need for all tobacco growers to put fences around their water sources or indeed covering up their wells so as to avoid children and all minors from playing around and close to them (water sources).
    It is the duty of the media to sensitize tobacco farmers in Malawi for the future of the industry!

    Rest in peace innocent child!!!

  3. I don’t believe in that of tobacco nursery, we’re having rains and at this time I don’t believe that tobacco is still at nursery rather in the farms, try to source true info.

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