If God says yes: Nomads almost into Canaan

Be Forward Wanderers

Be Forward Wanderers are just a step closer to winning this season’s championship following a deserved 3-1 victory over Mzuni FC at Civo Stadium on Sunday afternoon.

First half strike from Yamikani Chester and second half goals from Joseph Kamwendo and substitute Peter Wadabwa made sure that TNM Super League trophy is heading to Lali Lubani for the first time in 11 years.

Be Forward Wanderers
Wanderers a step closer to winning this season’s championship.

Mzuni dominated possession but Wanderers had a mission which was completed after 90 minutes to send the blue side of the town into a frenzy.

Chester opened the scoreline just after 15 minutes when Kamwendo delivered a million dollar pass to the left flank of the field which the former Azam Tigers winger made no mistake but to score past Chimwemwe Kumkwawa, 1-0.

However, Nomads’ lead only lasted for few minutes as the Green Intellectuals leveled the scoring through Zeliot Nkhoma who capitalized on a defensive error by the hosts.

Mzuni almost took a surprise lead when Nkhoma’s header was cleared by Harry Nyirenda before crossing the line.

The Green Intellectuals were enjoying possession but lacked finishing composure in front of goals.
Come second half, Wanderers restored their lead from the spot.

Mzuni defender tackled Esau Kanyenda inside the penalty box, leaving referee Duncan Lengani with no choice but to point straight to the spot from which Kamwendo scored.

Mzuni then brought in Hudson Milanzi and Henry Misinjo but they suffered a massive blow as Milanzi only lasted for three minutes on the pitch following a head on collision with Ted Sumani.
Moments later, it was 3-1.

A corner by Isaac Kaliati was well connected into the net by substitute Wadabwa who came in for the ineffective Jafali Chande.

Rafick Namwera was then introduced for Kaliyati but there was nothing new to write as it was now dancing time for the Nomads who were just killing time and after 90 minutes of play, 3-1 it ended in favor of the orange side.

The result takes Wanderers four points clear of second placed Nyasa Big Bullets with two games to play before wrapping up the season.

At Silver Stadium, a lone strike from Victor Limbani was enough to inspire Silver Strikers to a hard fought 1-0 victory over Mafco FC to move to within six points of second placed Bullets and keep their hopes of finishing second in the log table alive.



  1. Come On Guys….Dont Involve our Almighty God in these Juju infested football of urs….The Almighty God has got nothing to do with Football….(Only Demons and People…)
    Next time use a small ‘g”…lyk the “god of Football”

    1. disgruntled supporter before every mach players pray and after scoring they also pray to which God if i may ask?? next time stay quiet

    2. Oooh….yeah…they Pray…and everyone who prays to God for whatever they are about to do or after they have done something, God is always ther with them and he answers their prayers…quite interestin….and Hilarious.

      So I pray to God b4 Robbing a Bank and i pray after the incidence…Funny….

      The Truth is whether players Pray or Not, God is not Behind Football….just Humans and Demons…Hear this from today, Jesus Christ has NO business with Soccer. believe it or not.

    3. the truth pains !!yes players do pray before the game but the do think they are praying to YHWH but its not HIM so if its not HIM then is some one who is always there in the absence of YHWH because there is no vacuum place in this spiritual religion world so all these things of football games wrestling etc they do attract lots of people and the owner of these things is Lucifer the devil ?

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  4. Yes, Ngakhale Sulom yeyesesa kumbali yawo kuonesesa kuti Noma isatenge Ligi komabe zawoneselatu kuti Ma plan awo Saatheka. Olo magame Asalawa atamapeleka Ma penalty ojudura ku team yawo yokondekayo! palibe chinga Siithe, Sindinatchuletu team apa! bwino nazo amene mupse mtima ndiye kuti ndi inu masapota aa Sulom kamapenalty fc kkkkkkkk.

    1. Sulom Munenanso kuti Noma reply ndi ana aja a std 3? Munaganiza molakwa. Malamulo mumaziwa koma dumbo umbombo, Muona chaka chino ndi chathu, N O M A ……………++++++

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