Clubs hit out at Sulom over fines


Silver Strikers, Be Forward Wanderers and Blue eagles have hit out at the Super League of Malawi (SULOM) over the respective punishments meted on the trio.

Among the 9 clubs fined on Tuesday for different acts of misconduct at match venues, Silver have been the heaviest hit with a fine of over K3.2 million kwacha.


Silver Strikers hit out Sulom.

Their coach Lovemore Fazili has been slapped with a K400,000 kwacha fine while supporters committee chairperson Kingsley Malaya and a Mr Gondwe have been banned from watching any league action for the rest of the season.

Responding to the verdict, Silver general secretary Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda expressed surprise at how Sulom would fine them before charging or hearing from their side.

“This is against rules of natural justice. At no point did our coach, supporters chair or the club receive any summon from Sulom or accorded any hearing so we are shocked to be getting a fine. Our next move is to ask them for a hearing because this is unacceptable,” said Nyirenda.

But Sulom general secretary Williams Banda produced screenshots of sent emails, as evidence that all clubs including Silver were notified of the charges on 23 October, a thing Nyirenda refutes.

Blue Eagles general secretary Ulemu Kaluwa whose club has been fined K500,000 kwacha admitted receiving the charge and responding to it.

But he wonders why Sulom didn’t follow that up with a hearing.

“We responded to their charge but instead of inviting us for a hearing, they just proceeded to issue a fine. We have no idea where they got their evidence and which independent witnesses they paraded to reach such a conclusion. This is a maladministration of justice,” said Kaluwa.

The Eagles have been punished for failing to control the actions of their supporters who according to Sulom, threw missiles towards the second assistant referee during their match against Wanderers   on 8 October.

Kaluwa further laughed off the charges, defending their supporters as peaceful all the time.

“Sulom Just want to have a share of our money. Blue Eagles supporters do not throw missiles. We are a team founded on the basis of law and order. To those who follow Blue Eagles at home, supporters assemble at one place on the western side beating drums and singing peacefully. But in a game of soccer we have interested parties (ganyu) supporters whose actions can dent our image. The authorities need to put competent structures on the ground to investigate these incidents otherwise these fines will just be impoverishing innocent clubs,” he said.

Wanderers general secretary Mike Butao whose club has been slapped with a K1 million kwacha fine lashed out at Sulom for the move.

“I urge Wanderers and all teams not to accept these charges. Where were these charges all this time? Is it fundraising time?

“How do you fine teams that didn’t even know they had committed an offence,” fumed Butao.

However, while most of the fined clubs are still bashing Sulom over the decision, Nyasa Big Bullets who have been fined K1 million kwacha, seem to have no qualms about the verdict.

“We received a summon but missed the deadline to respond. So we can only encourage our supporters to refrain from any acts of misconduct at match venues. As Bullets management,  it is our political will to make sure we  avert the occurrence of such acts, and the good thing is that our supporters are understanding  that the club does not have to suffer because of their misconduct, so moving forward, we believe we will win this battle,” said club general secretary Albert Chigoga.

Some soccer fans and pundits have slammed Sulom for punishing clubs over supporters’ behaviour instead of individually taking them to task   for their misconduct.

But others have leapt to the defence of the Super League body, saying clubs treat hooligans with kid gloves and must therefore pay for such negligence.

Sulom is expected to generate over K8.9 million kwacha if all clubs oblige to the verdict.



  1. Kafukula pansewu kazitama kulimba mano,kulamula vumbwe nkulinga uli ndi khuku.
    Amenewa akuyenera kupeleka basi.Akanakhala kuti akunziwa zakuvutika kwawo sibwenzi akumaononga masewero ampira kuwasandutsa khonya.
    A court akafuna kulanga munthu sayamba amufunsa za salary yake amangogamulapo basi.Cholinga cha punishment ndikuthetsa nchitidwe olakwalakwawo so if they feel pain that means they won’t repeat it.Big up SULOM ndipo ndikanakonda ikanawaonjezera zilangozo

  2. Mayazi Sulom ndiyasalakwa koma ma clubs amapanga zithu zaumbuli.Tikuyembekezerabe league yathu kuti izionetsedwa pa Super sport koma umve omwe ma club athu amachitawu do you think a Super sport angalole?.
    Zikhulupililo zikuononga mpira wathu.Sulom is not to blame but these manyaka clubs are responsible for this and they deserve harsh punishments.BULLETS fan I rest my case!!!

    • zoona bro walasa ma club ngat noma bullets silver masapota awo ndimbuli zenize safuna kumva kuti team yawo yapanga draw kapena yaluza ayi amafuna nthaw zonse azingowina umene ndiumbuli wauchitsilu adaiwona kuti team yosaluza kaya pot sindinayende kwambir kma timaiko tochepa tomwe ndayenda sindinaonepo uve omwe umapangika ndi masapota amateam atatuwa aliyense yemwe mpila amautsata sangade sulom ay umbuli wamasapota ukupweteketsa mateam nanga zoona munthu azikalowa ndichimutu chakapado m’bwalo lazamasewelo mmm neba waonjeza

  3. Penaso ndikumadzifusa kuti kodi ndinakhaliranji m Malawi? becauz anthu osadziwa malamulo a mpira chimene munawalembera ntchito ine sindikuchiona!!

  4. SULOM bent on killing football!!! Proportionate punishments are welcome but those metted out by SULOM are suicidal to football development!!! It’s like a foolish guy sitting on a branch which he/she is cutting off a tree!!! Some clubs don’t have sponsorship, how can they survive SULOM’s foolishness? Curious: how sure is SULOM that the errant supporters belong to the alleged clubs, apart from seeing them in those clubs’ colours? Can’t impostors take advantage of this to mess up rivals? SULOM must know that if clubs die, SULOM becomes irrelevant – becomes a candidate for the GRAVE!!!

  5. Angolipira zilangozo, akapanda kulipira akuona kuti anzawo akawadyela kuti. Tizibwezi tachina Banda ndi azawo anatilonjeza kuti chikamatha chaka chino atigulira magalimoto ndiye akufuna kuti akolole basi ngakhale sanalime kkkkkkkkkk

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