Patience Namadingo caught stealing


He has the voice, guitar skills, and enthusiasm that attracts a vast majority, unfortunately an untold story about Patience Namadingo’s talent is being scribbled.

The gospel musician keeps switching gears in the quest to relate to different audiences. This behaviour is vividly noticed in his music, making it almost an impossible mission to identify him with a particular style.

Patience Namadingo

Namadingo caught stealing.

Meanwhile Namadingo is the main protagonist in the theft story, having been observed that he is ripping Atoht Manje’s style. This follows his victim’s shine with Chepatuma, a hit of its own class.

The Mtendere creator has mimicked Manje’s Chepatuma style in his new music. Is it a mere coincidence or Patience is simply playing opportunist?

His latest song titled Goliyati is imbued in Yao language while Chepatuma style defines it. The singer has even changed his trademark to something that makes him fit into the Yao community, Chepeziyezi.

It is understood that he can only be identified as Chepeziyezi for only the Goliyati project. This is his first Yao song and it is modelled on a secular artist’s song.

After a Yao song who knows where his instincts will drive him, Chilomwe or Chisena? And who is going to lay his foundation for such projects, the late Michael Yekha or Lucky stars?



  1. Penapake kumakhala serious, Kwa amene amamutsata patience aku uzani za creativity yake amamenyaso nyimbo za chitumbuka ameneyi chizunguso chimozi mozi chichewaso mkati tapezani zina zokamba kuli nyimbo zambili za chi Yao Yao eeh achina akamwire osati basi poti patience wa menya bho goliyati muchuluse zolubwa lubwa tayimbani inuyo yanu timve

  2. Koma Headline yankhani ndi zimene mwalembazi zikugwirizana?kodi sukulu ya utolankhani yomwe munapita inuyo ndi iti?Shame

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