Wandale is not mentally ill – Mother


Mother to People’s Land Organization (PLO) leader Vincent Wandale has contradicted a medical report that has declared the “supreme leader” of Thyolo and Mulanje as a psychiatric patient.

The mother, Tumbizodwa Wandale, has explained that her son has no mental illness as the report from Kamuzu Central Hospital has indicated.

Vincent Wandale

Wandale’s mother says her son is not mentally ill.

“My son is okay and he has never had mental problems, if he was a mad person he would not have been taking care of me,” said Wandale’s mother.

She further denied that a family member testified at the hospital regarding the mental illness history among Wandale’s family members.

On Tuesday, the state presented a medical report at the magistrate court in Lilongwe that has recommended that Wandale must undergo treatment in Zomba Mental Hospital.

Meanwhile the court will make its ruling on Thursday.

Wandale who claims that he is president of United States of Mulanje and Thyolo (MUST) is pushing for the secession of the two districts from Malawi to form one country.

He was arrested last month and charged with publication of false statements likely to cause fear and alarm to the public.




  1. This guy was a leader of a well known organisation which I believe had a well organised panel. Therefore he was not doing personal issues but rather representing the whole organisation. the government,if approves wandale to be mentally ill, should take to task his followers as suspected people who wants to seize part of the nations territory using a mentally ill person.

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