Atoht Manje not confined to dancehall

With his latest single Chepatuma setting the bar high, musician Atoht Manje has said dancehall is not his speciality.

Following the release of Chepatuma, some of his fans have recommended the style he embraced in that song. They argue, he has discovered his real music touch.

Atoht Manje
Atoht Manje: Am just an artist.

In an interview with Malawi24 on Saturday, Manje said he would rather be described as a musician and not as a specialist of a certain music genre.

“The thing is am not a dancehall artist, that kind of music lives in me. Am just an artist,” he emphasised.

The Lilongwe based artist added that his producer encouraged him to record Chepatuma which has redefined him as a musician.

He said: “Thank God, my producer Moshu encourage me to record that tune.”

Manje is categorised as a dancehall artist in Malawi due to his many songs done in that genre. He went on to challenge one of the country’s top dancehall artist, Malinga Mafia, through a diss dancehall song.

Up and coming Zomba based producer Ken Malipa said other musicians should learn from Atoht Manje. He argued that musicians should not limit their abilities.

“From Atoht Manje, other musicians should learn two to three things. They should know that sticking to one music type only limits your abilities as a musician,” said Malipa

Manje is following in the footsteps of Lawi who was once identified as a hip hop artist, prior to his adoption of his current music which is a combination of different African flavours.




  1. Though I don’t understand what is being narrated In chepatuma song, but I enjoy the rhythm and the manganje fusion into the song. I generally like Atot Manje he has chosen to be unique with his own style of music while most young guys like him are busy coping Nigerian beat.

  2. Akulu awuzeni amalawi kuti mukuimba style yanji kapena tiwauze ndife kuti ku dancehall mwathawako mwayambitsa chamba chanu chomwe mukuchitcha zikiri jive monga inanenera nyakwawa matumbi kuti madolo ku dancehall anathawa kukayamba zamba zina zosavuta. komabe mwachita bho coz munkangotukwana nanga mpaka nyani akakwera mumtengo amaonetsa…..

  3. bodza, angonena kuti anakanika kutchuka mu dancehall, poyamba ankazitchula kuti iye ndi king of dance hall, asanamepo apa…

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