Wandale challenges Malawi President Mutharika: Let’s have a referendum

Vincent Wandale

Separatist, Vincent Wandale, has dared Malawi president, Peter Mutharika, to a referendum to determine who is the legitimate president of the Lhomwe belt.

Wandale’s remark follows proclamation that Mutharika made at the Mulhako wa Alhomwe anniversary in Mulanje that only he was the legitimate president for Malawi.

Vincent Wandale
Wandale: Mutharika can not rule by force

“There is only one President in Malawi, and it is me” declared Mutharika.

But Wandale, who has declared himself president of the ‘State’ of Mulanje and Thyolo (MUST), has fought back, demanding a demanded an independence referendum for the two districts, thereby setting up a duel against Mutharika.

“Mutharika’s legitimacy over Mulanje and Thyolo is over. There is no way he can rule by force. Let him challenge us with a referendum” Wandale has been quoted as saying.

Wandale, who was scheduled to be sworn in last Thursday, was arrested on Sunday. He has so far been referred to Bwaila Mental Hospital for a psychiatric assessment.



  1. northerners came up with initiation of federal government. Atleast that was tangible. Now this Wandale who is obscessed with Thyolo and Mulanje as united states will do us more harm than good. There are types of madness. I saw some mad man claiming he was Bingu. and this one is one of them.

  2. I think Vincent Wandale is doing every thing he can for the poor citizens of Thyolo and Mulanje,and we are ready to join him and bring back our Land,but if he is doing this for the sake of getting popular or trying to get molaral from the opposition parties then it won’t help and it will be a wast of time .

  3. Wandale is telling Malawians the truth this guy is his on tribes and telling the country that this president is a feliar and some one from central region is criticising him wandale take that government it’s yours

  4. ngat watumidwa ameneyi apweteketsa gulu coz njobvu zikamamenyana umavutika ndi udzu…………. ka malawi kake komweka???

  5. i think there is missundasting Wandale is tired with stupid things. people are suffering in estates receiving less than 600 per day. how can they manage to pay school fees, buy foods and many more? so he is just fighting for the people to you i understand he mad because you are receiving reasonable saries

  6. We need our land back..if you never be in Thyolo or Mulanje don’t comment here..

    I’m behind Vincent Wandale..Viva MUST Vivaa..in Thyolo/Mulanje Tea is planted infront of our houses..Enough is enough

  7. Ok, let me get this straight: Thyolo and Mulanje get a referendum, then cecede from Malawi; Wandale becomes Leader of the new republic; Mutharika and a few lucky Thyolanjeans become illegal immigrants; Malawi govt deports them; and on arrival in the new republic Mutharika is made Minister of Internal Security responsible for dealing with anamapopa. I like the idea. Bwana president give these guys a referendum

  8. This means tht there will be no solid countries or Malawi in future if we all learn frm wht Wandale is doing. Another leader can also just rise up frm Dowa or Kasungu and form another small country. Again another one will rise up frm Ntchisi or Nkhotakota and form something. And the list will go until Lilongwe and Mchinji. I think this madness must be stopped coz there will be no union among countries if such nonsense can be torrerated.

  9. bring developmental news as well.if Mr Peter is the only president in Malawi then this news is just but a vapor.since january we hav never heard about Government has constructed 2houses for teachers Is the government alive?we only hear about ARRESTS BLOODSUCKERS &ESCOM Is it koz of Wandale?

  10. That’s why we need MCP back into government.. We have had our intelligence on this sometime back. Bloodsuckers issue has revealed it all. Wandale is a stabling block to these selfish hypocrites who have same ideas of advocating for such a state after losing power to MCP.. Ngolongoliwa is believed to be championing spiritual powers against dissenting viewers but proved futile as bloodsuckers rumours fell within lomwe belt never spread nation wide as expected.

  11. yeah, sure. I think he knows what he is saying. let’s have the referendum . kapena mukuopa akuswaninso ka 5-1 kena? lol

  12. Tikamati zikori limakondera kumwera mumakana, pano tingokumbusanako Lloyd Muhara Chief Secretary at Office of the president from Phalombe. N. Saukira NFRA Chief Executive officer from Thyolo district. T. Malata Malawi Revenue Authority CEO from Thyolo district. R. Kamoto MERA Chief Executive officer from Chiradzulu district. General Supuni Phiri Army Commander MDF from Mulanje district. General C. Namangale deputy commander MDF from Thyolo district. A. Malata MUST vice chancellor married in Thyolo district. A. Sumbuleta MBC Chief Executive Officer from Mulanje district. R. Jose Malawi Police deputy Inspector general from Mulanje. E. Mwapasa Malawi Police deputy Inspector general Chiradzulu. Chinsinga Registration Bureau Principal Secretary from Thyolo. Peter Mukhito State House Chief of Staff from Chiradzulu district. C. Magalasi State house Executive assistant from Chiradzulu. M. Bamusi State house special assistant from Thyolo district. F. Mphepo State House political advisor from Mulanje district. T. Paul Phiri State House Chief Executive Officer from Thyolo district. Elvis Thodi Office of the president Director General from Thyolo. Dr. Munlo Office of the president Principal Secretary from Thyolo/Chiradzul. George Mkondiwa Office of the president Ambassador from Phalombe. H. Chilabade Office of the president Reform Principal Secretary from Thyolo A. Juwayeyi Financial Intelligence Unit Director from Thyolo district. Charles Namondo OPC Ambassador to China from Thyolo district. E. Sawerengera OPC Ambassador to the U.N. from Thyolo district. Mrs.Aggrey Mussa OPC High Commissioner to Kenya from Chiradzulu. F. Nihoriya OPC Ambassador to USA from Thyolo district. J. Mwandidya Office of the president CSM from Phalombe district. Dr. Ntupanyama Office of the president Principal Secretary from Thyolo. H. Sapala Disabilities Director from Thyolo district. Katopola Tourism Director from Thyolo district. Dalitso Kambabe Reserve Bank Governor from Thyolo district. G. Kabango Reserve Bank deputy governor from Mulanje district. T. Sitimawina EP&D principal secretary from Thyolo district. R. Magaleta Ministry of education principal secretary from Thyolo district. E.Maganga Ministry of Agriculture principal secretary from Thyolo district. Dr. M. Magwira Ministry of Health principal secretary from Thyolo district. Ben Botolo Treasury Principal Secretary from Mulanje district. James Naphambo Chairperson Blantyre Water Board from Thyolo district. James Masumbu Chairperson of ADMARC from Mulanje district. Mr. Liabunya Chief Executive Officer EGENCO from Mulanje district. M. Chitimbe OPC principal secretary Transport from Mulanje district. George Saonda Public Events Director from Thyolo district. C. Chipungu Office of the president without portfolio from Thyolo district. B. Chisakamile Office of the president Coordinator from Thyolo district. J. Namkwenya Principal Secretary Office of the president from Thyolo. E. Kaopa Medical Stores deputy head from Thyolo district. Perks Ligoya Chairperson ESCOM from Thyolo district. E. Hausi ADL director from Thyolo district. Chataika ADL Chief Executive Officer from Thyolo district. C. Kumbemba MTIC Chief Executive Officer from Chiradzulu district. G. Gonani CRW Chief Executive Officer from Thyolo district. Chikuni Lilongwe Water Board Chief Executive Officer from Mulanje. J. Mathanga ESCOM deputy Chairman from Chiradzulu district. G. Hiwa Law commission Commissioner from Mulanje district. A. Maliro Gaming Board Chief Executive Officer from Chiradzulu district. Ms. Napolo Chief Executive Officer Malawi Housing from Thyolo district. Ms. Mangulenje Chief Executive Officer of MARDEF from Mulanje district (the alleged secret lover of Mr. Lloyd Muhara Chief Secretary to the Office of the president Nde wina uziti a Tumbuka ,a Tumbuka tizabayanapo

    1. Boza limeneli vuto ndi president wanuyo amangosankha mbuli zokhazokha mu ma position a bho thus why dziko silikutukuka ,Blackout daily shame on Malawi,,,,,osadanda tikuchosa zimenezi 2019

  13. If wandala is to succeed in his mission then current przdent has to be removed coz he will be a citizen from isolated thyolo-mulanje nation

  14. Listen guys,wandale is not crying for refrendum but he is using this word inorder to make know anyone that our leader is not solving problems which are in the 2 districts (Thyolo + Mulanje).Vuto ife a Malawi wina akamalira timamuwonjezera mabvuto mmalo momuthondoza.Pano nafe kumachinda tikukambirana zoti tichite makamaka MP mmodzi we re tired with him.We voted him but network,timisewo todutsa ngolo komanso magetsi kulibe.Ndiyeno tikamayifuna refrendum dont send us kumental cos mwatiputa dala

  15. Eeeeeeeh!!!!! Vin zafika pamenepa? Ayi chonde Vin nakuweya,Ukomolenge achimwene ako green card ili muthumba.

    Ayi dikila Vin,pa 19 may 2019 sipatali.Taona a Ngolongoliwa Awakhumudwitsa kale achimwene ako.Koma maulendo onsewa adyaaa.ndikuna gondolosi mpaka kuzinduka koma ana ndiomwe aja awiri ali kwa Bob Marley.Chonde ndagwira mwendo dikilapo.

    Kodi ku Zomba wabwelako?

  16. Where is malawi.going…….this is a democratic country not a referendum.one zomwe akupanga a wandale nzofuna kuyambisa.nkhondo

  17. Be careful am gonna send boko halam in mulanje & thyolo, I don’t want pipo lik thes on our country, understand???? Or if you will not agree with me am gonna kill my self you see the blood of innocent man like,,,,

  18. I just believe that there is no smoke without fire.. Govt should listen properly to this guy before he can give him a sentence…..Otherwise this can resurface in a bad way

  19. Ali ndi chani a wandale kuti mpaka akakhale mtsogoleri wa dziko? Nyanga zomwezo? Mtsogoleri amafunika kukhala wachitsanzo; mtsogoleri azisamba, asamanunkhe likhwemba.

  20. He is a fake politician who doesn’t know the meaning of referendum and diplomacy. Those who follow him and support him is a sign that some citizens just follow any crazy person who promise them prosperity like those who foolishly follow the modern prophets who use the name of Jesus but they are Lucifer’s Disciples. And is a bad sign for the country, simply is in a reverse gear. That’s why Mafias take advantage of Africa because of too much ignorance.

    1. You might be the one whos crazy.do not mix politics en religious. Let him do what he wants.m one of his followers. Our president need some people like him to put pressure on him.

    2. He has to be charged with treason!! Malawi is very small as it is let him contest in a general election other than wasting funds when is mostly needed.

  21. Ndale za pa Malawi..Sidic Mia has been,and is still sponsoring this ganja farmer..all in the name of craving for power..shit!!!

    1. Hahahaha, komatu ma allegation anuwa musaukitsa nawo abale anu wina atakutengerani kukhothi for defamation and character assassination.

  22. The people of thyolo stood their ground.

    Some Malawian leaders found themselves on the wrong side of history. Chief mwase of kasungu and National African Congress president; General James Chinyama decided to visit thyolo and for peace and calm. As they did so. Joseph phambala, chairman of the local branch of the National Africa congress, and Hartwell Solomon of the Blantyre branch, followed in their wake, enjoining people not to give up the struggle. They also visited other flashpoints like chitera in chiradzulu, where more people had been killed.

    People openly expressed disdain for mwase and chinyama.

    When chief mwase and Mr chinyama arrived in thyolo, I was already there. They addressed the people to stop violence and cooperate with the government. When the two leaders stopped talking a certain old woman stood up and undressed herself. She told mwase and chinyama that if they had mothers who knew the pain of not owning a little peace of land they should go away.

    And they left at once.

    After several months the situation calmed down sponteniously but the people’s grievances remain unaddressed to this day.

    Now arising Vincent wandale with the same subject matter but in a little bit twist of forming an independent government due to unanswered grievances.

    Government should take this issue seriously, unless history repeat itself.

    1. When talking of violence its a proof of ignorant. Thats why even nowadays people likely listening to respond not to understand because of ignorant. They pretend themselves as crever with the airm behind of being farmouse, which is useless and full of nonsense.

    2. I suggest goverment has got so many things to attend and solve apart from this one. We have to be logistic and frank. MULANJE AND THYOLO DONT NEED ASEPARATE STATE FROM MOTHER MALAWI. WHAT THEY NEED ITS GOOD PAY SLIP AND ATLEAST SOME LAND FROM TEA PLANTATIONS FOR CULTIVATION.

  23. In thyolo 1953

    On 19 August 1953, a large angry crowd gathered at mangunda estate on the thyolo-lunchenza road. Ostensibly, they suspected that the British owners of the estate; Basil and Desmond Tennet had killed one of their own. The reality was, however, was that the people wanted land. Virtually all the fertile land had been taken by the British, and citizens of the place were to mere tenants

    The police arrived but not before the crowd had started destroying estate properties. The police fired on the crowd, killing one and wounding many. The crowd did not relent. They gathered stones and rained them on the police, then latter the police lobbed teargas into the melee. Only then did the crowd disperse. The police arrested village headmab Ngamwane for leading the protest.

    The following morning, an even larger crowd gathered at thyolo boma, demanding ngamwane’s release. The DC explained that ngamwane was in custody in limbe, but the crowd did not disperse until the arrival of provincial commissioner Who offered to take two leaders to limbe to attest to this fact in the end PC himself stood bond for ngamwane. The charges against him were dropped.

    The village headman’s release did not end the protest.

    Labourers in the tea estates stopped working and they encroached on estate’s unused land. Crowds of men, women and children set up roadblocks and gangs armed with axes, hoes and knobkerries roamed the the countryside, intimidating chiefs that were loyal to the colonial masters, burning crops and damaging factories and houses on tea estate premises.
    Protesters menaced Malawian railway workers at lunchenza station and encouraged them to stop working. Malamulo mission evacuated all the Europeans except doctors and nurses.

    Government called in reinforcement from Tanzania, south Africa and Zambia and even arranged for the Zimbabwean air force to undertake reconnaissance missions and to drop leaflets persuading people to stop their protests.

    The people of thyolo stood t

    1. Mwasiya kusapota APM mwayamba kusapota WANDALE. Apa ndiye zayang’ana ku ngolotu, ngati macadet mwayamba kusintha mbali.

  24. Apatsidwe Dziko Lake Munthuyu Angakuchedwetsereni Zochita Bwana

  25. APM is (and will be) wasting his precious time responding to this guy’s speeches. It’s like a form four student debating with a kindergarten kid.

  26. Haahaahha koma nde mwathatu ndi Wandale yemwe kukudelelani mpaseni dziko lake then mukaluza 2019 mukashala exile that Nation ndi mmbale wanu mveseni

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