Early marriages become routine in Nkhotakota

Sexual cleansing

Chiefs in Nkhotakota district have expressed worry over the increase in early marriages and teenage pregnancies in the district.

Speaking with Malawi24, Chief Mtwana of the district said pregnancies have become a hobby as every circumcised youth want a baby.

Sexual cleansing
Early Marriages still a problem in Nkhotakota.(File)

According to Mtwana, this is because most parents in the district especially in remote areas do not advise their children to continue with their education.

“The tendency is worrying and it needs massive intention such as civic educating them (parents and youth) so that early marriages should be reduced in the district.

“The most worrying issue is that most girls are dropping out of school risking their future for marriage. This is really bad because once a girl child is educated it means that a nation has been educated,” she told Malawi.

Chief Mtwana said youth especially girls should hear the cry of the First Lady Gertrude Mutharika who advocates for girl child education.

“Our first lady want girls to be educated and be self-reliant in the future and with how things are in this area, her wish can’t mean anything.

“Girls here leave school in Standards 5, 6 or 7 rushing into marriage. Even their parents don’t tell them the importance of education that is even making the situation worse,” Mtwana told Malawi24.

Recently, the first lady of the country left an indelible memory in the minds of many people after she modelled in a school uniform to encourage girl child education.



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