J Major selling Malawi in local language

Budding star J Major rages on with promotion of Malawi culture through music done in vernacular language.

The Afro pop singer who is currently studying at Monash University in South Africa believes Malawi music is best marketed in local languages.

“My music is mostly in Chichewa language just for culture of our motherland and also I try to add in the traditional dancing and the like. Most importantly that’s the best way to market Malawi,” he said.

J Major
J Major: My music is mostly in Chichewa language.

Born Juneid Major Khan, he earns credit for music production of international standard. He attributes this to working with experts in visual and audio productions.

Against the widely held belief that music for the international audience should be done only in English, the 18 year-old argues that good music is good music regardless of language it was done in.

The Blantyre based starlet promises a blazing album that is enriched with Malawi tradition. Although some of the hits are titled in English, the content is in Chichewa.

Some of his songs are My love, Magobo and Enter. Major has among other music giants worked with Dan Lu and Bucci. Meanwhile he is affiliated to a group called Spotlight Team.





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