Nomads not happy with fixture congestion

Be Forward Wanderers are mad at Super League of Malawi (Sulom) and Football Association of Malawi (FAM) over the club’s tight engagements in the top tier league and cups.

According to a post – that apparently has received massive reaction from the club’s fans and football fraternity – on their Facebook Page, the feeling is clear that the club has been rendered with too much work that involves not just high travelling costs but also what appears to be a very strenuous job.

Be Forward Wanderers
Wanderers have a tight schedule

After their 5-1 win over Moyale Barracks on Wednesday last week in Balaka, the team travelled to Mozambique on Saturday to play a friendly.

They are expected to return home on Tuesday and later travel by bus to Mzuzu to face Mzuni FC on Saturday, 26 August 2017 before their Carlsberg Cup clash with Moyale Barracks at Mzuzu Stadium on Sunday.

While some of the comments on the post claimed Sulom and FAM have qualms with the team, others openly made claims that the two football administration bodies do not want the Nomads to defend the Carlsberg Cup or maintain their Super League lead.

Others however argued that since Nomads is a football club, it is expected to be involved with the business of playing football and therefore complaining of tight fixtures does not hold water.

Teams in the country have before complained of fixture congestion but the administrators have been saying the fixtures are set with the aim of ensuring that the football calendar is harmonized.

Some pundits have however said it is high time the FA and Sulom considered having set calendars that incorporate all the cups and the top tier league. But these calls have not been considered by the administrators of the game.

Chitipa United is one of the teams that recently admitted that fatigue has been one of the reasons for its lame start in the league citing long distances and clumped up fixtures as some of the reasons.

The winner between the Nomads and Moyale Barracks in the Carlsberg Cup will have to face the winner between Nyasa Big Bullets and Red Lions in the final. The two play at the Bingu National Stadium on Sunday 27th August 2017.



  1. Palibe zodandaula apa , matimu azanuwo akufuna asewere nanu apite kopuma kukakonzekera second round, akudikirani kale munapita kuja ndiye azidikiranso zosamvekazo.

  2. They registered a lot of players and za ku Mozambique it was not on malawi calendar asova

  3. Useless excuse,anzanu a bullets akumati kumenya wednesday,another one on ziii,,anakuwuzani kuti mupite ku mazambiki ndani??play..idiots.

  4. I don’t know why nomads are complaining, i mean its the same fixture that you get when you travel to mzuzu to honor your league games,. You play saturday and sunday, for league fixtures. Why is it a problem now that you have to travel the same distance to mzuzu and face mzuni fc on saturday and moyale fc on sunday? Oh! is it maybe because its a league match on saturday and cup match on sunday? Please make me understand your query here. And please don’t tell me about your trip to Mozambique because that doesn’t benefit anything to our local soccer. That only benefit nomads team and its stupid supporters who get extremely excited with the Mozambique trip as if they went to England. What i see here is that SULOM and FAM did a favour, instead of travelling to mzuzu twice, first you go play your league match and then your cup match, which could have costed you a lot more in terms of travelling expenses. Now you’ll have to play them all in one weekend and that is what you normally do and yet again you’ll save.

  5. Let the team rest & play the sunday game since it is a cup game.Administrators,please have a calendar of events every season. The mozambique trip was not profitable to the team neither the entire nation as pertaining to the events,remember always to walk the talk.

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