Youth warned against bad behaviour


The country’s First Lady Dr Gertrude Mutharika has told youth in Malawi to avoid bad practices that can destroy their future.

The First Lady made the remarks at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe during an interface with young people from the central region.

Gertrude Mutharika : youths must refrain from sexual activities.

Mutharika said youth in the country must among other things refrain from sexual activities in order to be responsible citizens of the country.

She also warned youth who use contraceptives to avoid pregnancy that most birth control methods only prevent them from getting pregnancy leaving out HIV/AIDS which is deadly.

“I know many girls are only thinking about using contraceptives to prevent pregnancies, but remember contraceptives do not protect you from HIV/AIDS.

The decision you make in a second or a minute can cost your life or can guarantee you a bright future. So be wise and make wise choices,” Mutharika said.

She then called upon all stakeholders to join hands in making sure that youth are civic educated properly.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a show for one organisation or few individuals. Everyone has to take part. I am pleased that today we have several organisations such FPAM, NAC, UNFPA as well as government officials who are here to support you and provide you with necessary information on reproductive health,” she added.

The Youth Interface peaked when the State President Peter Mutharika and the First Lady Gertrude Mutharika led the youth in showcasing dancing skills.

During the interface meeting, the first lady launched the 90-90-90 approach which is geared to end transmission of HIV among the youth.



  1. To hell with this bullshit so called advice, leave the youth alone coz you old cargos you are full of yourselves, greedy and arrogant. The youth are so talented and well educated here in Malawi but they move up and down serching for jobs they are trained for, but you the ecient people, especialy the zinjanthropuses in the offices they are busy doing their best to hinder the youth from securing a job. So what do you expect us the youth will do? Midoli basi kabhora pathumba mix katchiki pambalipa after kuhasula kkkkkk

  2. Your Excellency, Madam Dr. Gertrude Mutharika, those with ears have understood. However madam, sometimes it is not to their design for these youths to indulge in bad behaviours. These youths are idle. They don’t find anything to do. Some have very good academic certificates but they can’t find jobs. Govt as the largest employer on the land is lock shut. Some have entrepreneurial skills but they cannot source the capital even a little one. Some have acquired vocational trainings but they fail to break through. Some, for some reasons of nature haven’t gone through the corridors of school but still have potential to make a difference. Idleness is a disease madam first lady so they say. All these crop of people are down trodden in their own country. Because life to them means nothing instead they indulge in immoral behaviours. What if now the govt and stakeholders lock horns find solutions to these pressing challenges the youths are facing. QED.

  3. MAMA MUTHARIKA: Ndigwilizane nanu, mwalankhuladi, mwaphunzitsadi ndipo anyamata ndi atsikana amva, inde angakhale makolo amvanso: ndizoona a chinyamata ndi atsikana should be directed to know what is good & bad, right & wrong, zikatero ndiye timati kholo la chilungamo ndiponso la chikondi—Zikomo kwambiri a MAMA: Komatu mutaonetsetsanso AMAI, muona kuti mbali inanso ana athu asochela kwambiri poleka chikhalidwe chathu {customs & traditions} kaamba ka makolofe lionela pa chikhalidwe cha mitundu yapatsidya la nyanja (azungu): monga kuti “ufulu wa mwana) kuti mwana achite chimene iye akhumba, abvale, amete, akagone ku bwenzi lake la chimuna kaya la chikazi pofuna kuti azolowelane: Kodi amenewa ndi mwambo wathu?? Ndizoona tasocheradi AMALAWI, ndima HUMAN-RIGHTS angoti phwiii’wa: Mzungu kukasambira ku nyanja ndi apongozi ache, palibe bvuto: koma kwa Malawi kusambira pamodzi ndi apongozi ao ndi MWIKHU:ZIKOMO!!!!

  4. Malawi24 publishes article warning youngsters against bad/sexual behaviour.
    Below the article, before the comments section, adverts for external sites with sexually suggestive/explicit photos.

    Good going Malawi24!

    PS – just throwing this out there. Proverbs 29:12 – If a ruler hearken to lies, all his servants are wicked.

  5. I really think this warning should also apply to the elders chifukwa ambiri akupanganso khalidwe lonyasa. Each and every day tikumangonva a 57 yr old has been arrested chifukwa wagwililira a 10 yr old. Sindinanvepo kuti a 10 yr old wagwililira a 57 yr old. Kungoti we are busy shaping the youths but we run away from the reality, masiku ano akulu akulu ndi amene akukhalanso obalalika interms of behaviour. Sorry to say but its the truth.

  6. we hav nothing to do that’s y we r acting like that… our parents n guardians pay alot of money for school but end up nothing, we can not manage in our own to start business coz we got nuh capital, we feel refugees in our on country… smoking chamba and drinking its not our wishes, but wat else we can do apart from dat? hear our cry pls government help youth out dis

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