Govt ready to give youths capital

Salima youths

The Ministry of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development has said government has money for youth who want to engage in various entrepreneurial activities.

Principal Secretary (PS) in the ministry

Salima youths
Govt geared to improve lives of young people (file image)

made the claim during the commemoration of International Youth Day on 12 August in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe where he was guest of honour.

In an interview with the press, he said the Peter Mutharika led government is geared to see many young people making it because this is their (youth’s) time and funds for the youth are ready if they can follow proper measures.

“Yes, absolutely the funds for youth are ready. That is why we are saying that young people come up with your groups or if you come as an individual bring your proposal. I will give an example, you noticed last week there are 687 young people who graduated from community technical colleges and they are coming up with their proposals and we are going to give them their start-up capital,” Mwandidya said.

According to the PS, the current government believes that youth are leaders of today not tomorrow as it has been claimed for ages.

He called on the youth to apply for the capital and make proper use of the opportunity.

“So this goes to everybody else. So young people this is your time and I don’t know if we will have another president who has a heart for young people like this. Capital for young people is there but we cannot just start giving the capital. We need to know who you are, what are your plans with the start-up capital that you are going to get. So the chances are there for youth,” Mwandidya said.

In an interview with Malawi24, Programmes Associate at National Youth Council Upile Kamoto said youths should really focus on entrepreneurial activities so that they can be self-dependent.

“We should invest in ourselves and in terms of entrepreneurship I would advise youths to start fresh and innovative initiatives that can empower them so that they can make their own money instead of depending on their parents or else waiting for someone to employ them,” he told Malawi24.

This year’s event was under the theme “Youth Building: The role of the Youth in Population, Health, Environment, Skills, Development and Entrepreneurship.”

Organizers of the event included National Youth Council of Malawi, UNESCO and Southern African Trust (SAT).



  1. This will be a very selective welfare. If you are not a DPP sympathiser, you will probably not get access to the funds. This has been the case with other approaches. Search me.

  2. zopusa business yake iti tikati tizungulire ntown kugulitsa malonga mukutuma agalu ana aja kuzatibera muzina ra City Zazie Enafe Pano Ndi Malova Coz Ka Business Komwe Timadalira Munatiranda ndithawi yoti muuone mkwiyo wa amphawi odya zao

    1. Good idea. But Govt needs to give us entrepreneurial skills first before handing lumps of money to non business minds. There needs to be a medium term strategy for this (5 years at most), with a number background activities in sequence, leading to the actual disbursement of funds to young people. This can then be followed by monitoring implementation of these funds (read loans).

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