Poaching of ‘Jabesi’ worries wildlife department


The Department of National Parks and Wildlife in Malawi has expressed worry over the killing of a rhino named Jabesi at Liwonde National Park and has urged citizens to take good care of endangered species.

Rhinos became extinct in Malawi and were later brought for tourists but one of them has been killed by poachers for its horn.

Kumchedwa says the country needs to take care of Rhinos.

Speaking to members of the press on Tuesday in Blantyre, Director of National Parks and Wildlife Brighton Kumchedwa said the country needs to take care of endangered species including rhinos.

“It’s very unfortunate that people had to kill the rhino, but we are happy that people are now realizing that Malawi is not a soft country to have wildlife crime,” said Kumchedwa.

Concurring with Kumchedwa, Patricio Ndadzela of African Parks said Malawians need to help the tourism sector by not killing animals that escape parks and attack people in their villages.

Currently, Malawi has 28 rhinos.





  1. Ine ngati mmodzi mwa anthu omwe timagwira ntchito imeneyi yosamala zipembere, ndikukusimikizirani kuti kuphedwa kwa Jebesi ndi achitetezo anu.nyama izi sizikhala mwachisawawa mumalo osungira nyama.komanso okuba nyama samaziwa ngati mmozi mwa achitetezo sathandizira. Ine ndi supavaizala wa gulu langa ndipo soka ili silinachitike chifukwa choti timalorera kuchosa munthu okaikisa department yathu. Afufuzeni bwino asilikali anu.

  2. So the department is just sitting and expressing worries?shame on you.you wrote nothing about investigations. Wake up.together with the police manhunt the culprits? Protect

  3. Government is giving Chinese too much freedom in this country so deal with it, that’s what they do best, taking everything away from you

  4. The department of national parks is weak that’s why poaching is on the peak. Be strict with poachers. Let your game rangers shoot to kill poachers and of found they should be sentenced harshly. In that way our wildlife will be safe

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