Mutharika appoints new MRA board


President Peter Mutharika has appointed new board members of the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA).

This is according to a press statement made available to Malawi24, released on Tuesday and signed by Chief Secretary to the Office of the President and Cabinet Lloyd Muhara.

Peter Mutharika

Mutharika appoints new MRA board members.

According to Muhara, President Mutharika has trusted and appointed Eric Chapola to take the position of chairman of the MRA board of directors.

The president has further appointed Mr. Howahowa as a member of the new MRA board of directors.

Other members of the new MRA board of directors include Linda Magombo Manda and Charles Chayekha.

Secretary to the treasury, secretary for industry, trade and tourism and Governor of the Reserve Bank of Malawi are ex-officio members of the board.

The appointments are with immediate effect.






  1. the most corrupt organization in Malawi. we blame the police with the 2 tambalaz they collect from motorists but ACB always miss the target. government is losing money by allowing goods to be paid at inland ports in lilongwe and blantyre.MRA has a system which is very porous and clearing agents and mra are bypassing and enriching themselves. how? a container enters at the boarder and agree to pay at the inland port in blantyre or lilongwe. they follow the container using the computer system with their seal but when it reaches the inland ports officers are deriberately ignoring the digital scanners and manually account the goods and agents are negotiating with officers there and money are exchanging hands.secondly some containers dont go inside the port.transactions are done, seals opened outside the yard .This is a tip to you ACB and the new board.

  2. Oh yes no doubt about that. Ma elections akuyandikira, tiikemo alomwe anzathu zizilowa Ku DPP mosavuta. Stupid. Mulungu azakulangani

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