Painter dies after falling off building



A 25-year-old man has died in Limbe Township after falling off a building while painting.

According to Deputy Public Relations Officer for Limbe Police Widson Nhlane, the deceased has been identified as Davie Shawa who was a painter for Opco Limited.

Nhlane said on 11 July 2017, Shawa was working at an upstairs building opposite Blue Bird Hotel in Limbe Township.

“While he was painting the building he slipped on a plastic sheet that got broken and fell,” said Nhlane.

He was rushed to Malawi’s Queen Elizabeth Centre Hospital where he died while receiving treatment on the same day.

Postmortem shows that death was due to severe brain damage.



  1. the problem its from town coucil amangodziwa kudyela anthu ndalama basi koma satha kuwauza anthu the way angamangire ma bulding olimba ayi zitsiru

  2. So sad indeed,, What I have observed is that, in many companies if not all safty rules are not enforced, nor did I see labour inspectors, too much corruption, negregency, I cry for my mother Malawi, ppo working at that height without safty belts, if it was aroad accident ppo would blame the drivers, but now whom to blame, The construction Industry?

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    1. It should be the contractors who are responsible for the safety of their employees not clients. Clients hire contractors. Contractors, then hire their own labour force

    2. I agree,but then to some extent clients in entering into contract would demand standard work from contractors which includes safety standards coz every accident happening at their site have a bearing on their bussines repute.

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