Matumbi claims he is the father of Malawi urban music


Malawi’s veteran Mcee Annie Matumbi has hit a reminder to the country’s urban music industry on his remarkable effort in its creation.

Delivering the message to the industry through a Jamaican flavoured riddim which is currently in circulation, Matumbi has spoken highly of himself.

Matumbi confidently claims that he is the ancestor of what is in the present day branded as local urban music. With regard to this, he calls for respect despite surrendering his music prowess to other artists, years ago.

Annie Matumbi

Matumbi says he ignited urban music in Malawi.

“Ine ndamene ndinayamba (am the one that started) with the type of music nowadays they call it urban type of music,” sounds the introductory part.

He goes on to sing on the chorus, “Olo angavute bwanji, olo angasunthe bwanji, ngati anabwera after Thumbi ndi ana a Matumbi basi, (no matter how skilful they are but if they came after me, they are my kids.)

This sounds differently to people as some are concurring with him, while others have crashed the artist for overrating himself.

Musicians have also commented on the matter. Lilongwe based up and coming musician Weexy Chawinga of Deliverance fame, agrees with Matumbi.

“Ndizoona amene aja ndi amfumu, urban music tinaidziwa chifukwa cha Nyakwawa, mu nyimbo monga Greetings Malawi (It’s true, he is the king since we came to know about local urban music through him).”

However, Blantyre based hip hop musician Chavura has not picked a side on the issue. The outspoken rapper says he cannot take seriously what people say about themselves.

“People say a lot of things, I can’t take what people say about themselves seriously, people don’t even trust what they say,” says Chavura

Nyakwawa as Matumbi is popularly known took the country’s music industry by storm early last decade. Through songs like Chidikhodikho and Julie, he conquered media waves.

Now a Television personality, Nyakwawa’s time in music is argued to be up. True to this, he never makes noise as a musician besides taking part in a number of music projects.



  1. Mtengo wautali salodzelana malumeeeeee

    Its a matter of development olo akanakhala kut kulibe anyakwawa zinthu zikanasinthabe basi.
    Kunali anthu ngat achina bright nkhata, they were doing original music, Ben michael koma sankazipopa.
    Samapanga ma translation ngat achina matumbiwa omwe amatenga nyimbo za achina Yellowman nkumaziika mchichewa, achina Raster waza omwe amatenga nyimbo za slaves nkuziika nchichewa, anglican voice nyimbo za lundi and sipho nkumaziimba mchichewa.
    Anyakwawa ankaimba bwino inde koma asamazitamandile.
    We love you bambo a nyoooo!

  2. Vuto la amalawi mumafuna munthu amwalire kaye ndipamene muzati anali akatundu amene aja..sanje zikutiononga amalawi…..matumbi is a legend fact!

  3. Koma before Matumbi there was another young man by the name Dr Lizard ankaimba bwino kwambiri anangomwalira nsanga. After Dr Lizard we heard of San B with hits like Amake Junior zomwe zinadya one Nyakwawa inkabwera pambuyo nde mwina father atakhala San B koma grand father akhale Dr Lizard Nyakwawa akhale son mukuona bwanji? Kkkkkkkkkkkk

    • Man ndinu mwana siyani izi,sanb wa mu 2000,matumbi anamenya greetings malawi cha ma early 90’s kuli radio 1 yokha kuli ma dj ngati Geofrey Kazembe,Chaipa Chirwa,Phillip Moyo Mwala…

  4. I can also agree to the claim because i ve known him and Lulu for a long time.1997 nthawi imeneyo ine ndili form one ku likuni boys secondary,pa chipasula pamkachitika mpilikisano nthawi imeneyo amati kuflower.Matumbi ndi lulu adalipo nthawi imeneyo mwa chibwanabwana za kusecondary.Nthawi imeneyo kulibe malawiani ubarn music.Timkati eeeeee ndiye akuflowertu sukulu ithekapo apa?.So ma claims a Matumbi ndi zowona koma anthu atha kumakana pa nsaje.

  5. Rest In Peace Wisdom Chitedze,Vic Marly ndi ena onse! Thumbie udali mwana uvuta kwambiri pa Mic ndipo u left a mark in the industry though its good to accept these kids coming to expore it to the next level and that doesn’t change a respect they have for artists like yourself.

  6. i lamu tryingi to puting my comenting buti ze probulemu is zat i understanding zat vuto si Matumbiyu ayi koma koma nthawi ndi tekinologe.In the late 90s honestly we didn’t have much access to media except for our panasonic portable radios n few homes with black white TVs so Thumbie was noticed better 2001 when God granted us a glance on coloured TV.ofcoz this is just a joke,but for all i know the nigga is coming long ass journey.

  7. It’s just unfortunate that he did not use that chance to amass some wealth for himself. Having stayed for so long in music, he could have retired if he had something in his pocket rather than standing there crying that he’s the father of music

  8. true true, I agree with him he did a tribute to the late Matafale with Dr Lizard, San B just to mention a few. I don’t think if Joy Nathu is keeping that file

  9. Mukamati ndiwamatama what do u mean? Chamba chomwe ankaimba poyamba chija chimafuna munthu omaxikuxa kumene. Look at americans they can sing iam the boss or even bif each other without any probs. Mw tinangozolowela nyimbo zolira basi. 2mbi ndi biggyy

  10. He is just one of the pioneers of ragga music in Malawi with the likes of the late Dr lizard,teargass and the like.not forgetting dj Tailosi Bakili for like ragga street on the radio that gave a chance for the matumbis to show their talent….yah they set the trend.they deserve a credit.kungoti mukuluyi akati azipope amazipopelatu kkkk

  11. This is a pure lie! Urban music started with guys like Boyz Lazy who rocked with their beats such as ‘Beat Nineteen’ and ‘Maky Bulee’. The guys who included Jeff Kaira and Bubu Lazy were from Mzuzu but established themselves in Kawale Township in Lilongwe. That time achina Thumbi kulibe. We also had some some guys from Kanjedza in Blantyre who called themselves RANK Rappers. Their group had a female artiste and their popular hit was ‘Two Ways of Rap’. All these developments occured before the Thumbi guy hit the airwaves. Even when arrived, he came via a group called DAST (D for Dr. Lizard; A for Annie Matumbi; S for San Banto a.k.a San B and T for Tear Gas). As one would see from the name of the group, Matumbi was not even the mastermind. The mastermind of the group was the late Malumbo Chisiza a.k.a. Dr. Lizard. He is the one who schooled the likes of Thumbi, San B and Tear Gas into the ways of a Dancehall artiste. DAST was the first Malawian group to produce Dancehall hits like ‘Oneness’ among others. Other pioneering dancehall artistes in Malawi include the late Blantyre-based Martin Kankhulungo a.k.a. Lieutenant T.G. Smooth.

    Therefore, it is wrong for Matumbi to claim to be the father of Malawian Urban Music because he came onto the scene when other artistes had already laid its foundation. It is even erroneous for him to claim to be the father of Malawian Dancehall Music because it was Malumbo Chisiza a.k.a. Dr, Lizard who delivered the first dancehall acts in Malawi. I am a professional historian by training and I am working on a book project on Malawian Urban Music titled ‘Straight Outta Warm Heat’. You will get these issue in my forthcoming book.


  12. That’s right,we have been loving matumbi’s songs at home,more especially my wife, i wondered what was going on with her to like these tunes so much,i was very attentive that,may be my wife can easily be confiscated with him kkkkkkk,but we like this guy so much.When ever are explaining about matumbi,you remarkably reminds me about the so hot radio dj in those days kennedy nkombezi the late,may his soul rest in general peace rather,they used to mock each other.Matumbi is talented and full of jokes which is very interesting and i think that’s why people like him so much.

  13. lol in music people gives u a title or respect according to your achievements or contributions into the industry.If people are just quite on u, just know u dont deserve it…

  14. I agree with the one thy say kalimba its the one thy show as that there is good music in malawi even in UK thy dance sometimes I wonder not matumbi

  15. I 100% agree the guy is a legend

    Just imagine he sold tapes

    even the coolest Tygrin has never been that sucessful
    Big up nyakwawa Ndinu munabweretsa U yoooh

    u bad man

    he even changed the modern Slang

    much respect.Sir

  16. But then SO WHAT? What if he was? Must he come up to remind us everytime a new kid is on the block? Whats he scared of? The groups of Aleluya Band (Paul Chaphuka) can claim that they were the first ones to put Music on tape in Malawi. This Matumbi guy came way behind others. But they dont come brag about it to remind him that he followed them putting music on tape. People who do this are scared of new comes and wants to intimidate them with reminders.

  17. To my understanding I think the First Kalimba Band is the true origin of Urban Music in Malawi..Enawa they are just Claimin or they don’t know what it means Urban Music..

  18. Exactly! Exactly ! Thumbi is a Great rude buey everseen on Malawian soil. He rose to break the barrier of reggea dancehal so that every one could listen and dance a vibe produced by a Malawian for Malawians.

  19. No way he’s not a father of urban music in malawi
    Just that he brought in his own style of ply his tune his rylics sizimene akunenazo mmbodza.

  20. wether he is the father or not but he is not abetter artist and nyimbo zake anthu anasiya kumvera,,imagine nyimbo mpaka part 10,,film kapena chani?

  21. I dont hav any idea to against his claims…. De truth s in each n everyone who knows music industry in Malawi.. U r still father #2mbi though upcoming artists they r hot.. Mumatiyimilira

  22. No Matumbi only came with a different tune in Malawi music before his acclamation of being the father of Malawi urban music should not forget that Lulu Khwisa had already released magwiragwira,the album was so classic and we had Bantu Khamuladzi MAtumbi came later after others alreaaady did good job in music

  23. matumbi sindiimuiwala ataimba ndi nsikana wakunja ku sasafirika,anali dolodii those days,nyimbo zake timaziiimba ku primary titapinda makope kukwera pa desk,,,kenako vic marley nde anatidula mitu osati sewero!

  24. Omwe mukunyoza Ma2mbi inu. ozazinvera chisoni bwanji?? muli mbuuu.tiphereke ulemu kwa Ma2mbi.mumaziziwa kuti kunja kuno kuli danccell Inu??? Tingophempha NAMALENGA awonjezere mzeru pa oyimba wathu uyu Ma2mbi

  25. Ndikukumbikira 1995 Thumbi utangoza kumene unali mwana oyambilira kuchita ntchito za raggar kunali oyimba monga ine Manzy teargas ndi TJC tinkayenda limodzi koma poti inenso ndinalemera tinasiyana ndinatulukamo

  26. As far as I know, Matumbi was mimmicking King Yellowman. Now can someone tell me the meaning of Urban Music? Am not underrating him Noo! He is a good artist. Just want some clarification on what kind of music he was playing then.

  27. Kunali anthu ngati; Bubu lazy, Tukie T, Gun powder, Dr lizard, Teargus, Junior C.
    Kubwela poyela it doesn’t mean you’re a father but…….

  28. As music writters and singers what can u say on this one? Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole Lloyd Walker Mkwapatira Zaithwa Thankx Elia Takiwa Issah Mwiza Chavura Barack Oimzey James Dzineso Chris Che Mbuzi Kaunda Madslowter Gunthing Lynn Hyde

  29. True people don’t understand Vic came later on but the spirit of Malawian s is to agree only when the person dies and we don’t celebrate our artists when they are alive

  30. Dziko lavomereza basi,ndiinuyo amaliseni palibenso.
    Osaiwala gwaladi nayenso amati ndioyamba kuzigulisira yekha nyimbo zake.ankatero mwini wakeyo.

  31. Nchifukwa chake salemera matama 2mutch ana obwela pambuyo pake ambili alindimakwacha magaloto abwino pomwe ieyo akati wapeza nde kuti wabweleka chauta amadana ndi munthu odzikweza ngati ameneyo

  32. He contribute a lot to urban music but he is not a father there pple hu also contribute a lot like – the late wisdom chiteze
    – dev kalilan
    -iyan lizi – lat Vic mary just to mention fl

  33. Wachita bwino Kuwakumbutsa anawa Nyakwawa . sakudziwa kuti zinalibwanji thawi imene ija . More fireeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Mu nthawi imeneyo Anne Matumbi amatchuka kaamba koti otchuka amasowa, koma for sure music yake inaliyosapsa, really childish koma panopa mafana akuyesatsa ndipo zilibwino kwabasi

  35. It’s true guys 2_mbi ndi nthutha nkhalakale, nzakazi so mafana nonse achomoliya u must respect this guy he opens up ur eye’s

  36. Its true, we have to give him rispect coz is the firstone who get amore famous in ubarn music in malawi en don’t 4get malemu victor kunje (vicmarry)

  37. His claim is making sense, Matumbi started urban music when many yourths were blind when it comes to music, so that time Nyakwawa was the rising star in dancel, when it comes to Hip-hop, late Wisdom Chitedze had no one who could have compete with him, that time music was very expessive, and we had few musicians, but now mmmmmm every yourth want to be a musician even those who are not talented in this part but they are forcing themselves into music industry, so the competetion in urban music industry is high now!

    • even amene anayamba kupanga ndege pano sakutchukanso koma awa anabela or tingoti anachita upgrade mapangidwe frm him now are the stars

    • @Future’e Abubakar Mdeza you don’t who Real Elements are,those guys started Urban music long long time ago before some Malawian youth dreamed about it…..#David Kalilani wanted to sign deal with Dr dre aftermath records.

    • Let me shade some light on this issue. I was a among the teens by then and one who atleast able to follow music. Real Elements was great before Matumbi and The Elements was singing music that could evencross the Malawi boarder but never got pupular because their music was quiet modern and expensive and lyrics in english While Matumbi music was simple, hard beat and danceable even at local gatherings this made him popular than The Elements but Matumbi music couldnt go beyond Malawi boundary even claimed to be popular.

    • #Wisdomchitedze was indeed best rapper but real Elements was best hip .hop group and ican agree with #JKayLUCIANO that David was indeed almost to sign deal with Dr Dre,aftermath records but he denied ena amati anakana kulowa illuminate it was time when he was in America with his parents. Q malewezi,David kalilani and chikuni these guys were talented educated and from rich families.

    • #fabianozeru,#JesterMhango,#InnocentNicenChamera you guys really know what good Urban music was really about in those days. David kalilani toured six cities in united States of America.

  38. nzoona, thumbi anaziyamba kale izi achina Vic marley ndi ena onsewo tisanawadziwe aaah! anthu ena mmangotsutsa zilizonse bwanji?

  39. Osamaphweketsa respect to anyakwawa 2mbi ndamene anatichangamutsa ife tili ma fana, remember Julie part 1,2,3 and 4

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