Mutharika snubbing of AU was a lie

Peter Mutharika

A political analyst has described President Peter Mutharika’s decision to miss the African Union summit earlier this week as poor and as a smokescreen to hide government’s failure in cutting expenditure.

President Peter Mutharika did not attend this year’s AU summit which occurred on Monday and Tuesday in Ethiopia claiming it is a way of saving money.

Peter Mutharika
Mutharika has not traveled to RSA for the AU summit.

Malawi was represented at the summit by its ambassador to Ethiopia Chimango Chirwa as Mutharika’s administration said it wants to cut frequent internal and external travel for the Head of State and cabinet ministers.

In an interview, political scientist Wonderful Mkhutche said Mutharika should not have missed this year’s AU summit adding that it is a poor decision which should not be repeated by future presidents.

Mkhutche said Malawi is in a highly globalized world where countries have to be even more connected for governance, political and social progress hence the need not to skip the AU summit.

“The challenge has been that Malawi has failed to raise her profile among African countries. For years it has never had a real say in such forums and in the end it feels like we are just there for numbers.

Wonderful Mkhutche
Wonderful Mkhutche: Malawi needed to have the President there.

“But the summit is a way of Malawi making connections and understanding how best it can advance her voice in the continent,” Mkhutche told Malawi24.

He added that Mutharika could have presented at the platform the Lake Malawi dispute for assistance.

“That is one way such forums can be seen important. We have been always passive as far as regional or continental politics is concerned,” Mkhutche said.

On government’s claims that it wants to cut costs, Mkhutche said it is just a domestic political stunt claiming there are several things government should do to prove to its people that it really cares about taxpayers’ money.

“This has been done as a way of gaining political mileage, a way government has chosen to hide from its critics,” he said. “There is no way Malawi’s absence show that government cares about its spending.”



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  2. In a highly globalized and technologically driven world, one doesn’t necessarily have to present himself in person at an event like this one in order to be in touch with present reality and on top of the game. This political scientist scientist belongs to the Stone Age.

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  6. The Vienna convention of law of treaties 1969 articles 7 states that full powers to conduct international negotiations will be done by three individuals these foreign minister,head of state and government and ambassador accredited to the country hosting the meeting or to the international organisations
    The government did not breach article 7 in its delegation of Chimango Chirwa to represent the President at the AU summit.

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