Not too old for education: old man sitting MSCE steals the internet


This image has sparkled social media reactions.

A photo of a man purported to be over 60 is circulating on the internet. The man is sitting for his MSCE.

While the school and the identity of the man are being treated as private, it is believed that the man is sitting for his MSCE so as to improve his fortunes.

One of the pages that circulated the photo urged young people to emulate the example of the old man of getting education other than rushing for fleeting riches.

“Get an education, even the old are getting an education,” wrote the page.

Candidates are sitting for MSCE which started on 22nd June and will be finished by the majority on 5th July.



  1. I remember very well when I was writing my MSCE, I wrote with a certain old woman who was old enough to be my grand mother, and she came out with 18 points, as iam talking I heard that she is doing tourism @ mzuni, she had a vision, so for that old Man I should say big up to him, and i hope he will make it!

  2. If you ever stop learning, just know that u are dead. Mkuluyu, mmmh he is on top of the game of life. He has a vision for a better future. Good luck.

  3. until then knoweth wisdom to know the difference btwn knolwedge and success- Sir Churchill…… much as school has no end as said its good to recall that there are times today’s success will not surpass tommoroz knowledge……koz time is dynamic btwn the two concepts(success nd knowledge ) prior with age….. all in all……I wsh the man well

  4. aa bola kulimbikila kaya mzayamba ntchito mtakalamba bola zina lanu likuziwika mb’oma koma kwinaku ndikuthawa khasu abale kkkkkkk!!

  5. Its not over until u win,knowledge can b obtain at any age,there is no limit,not every study is about is about the job,sometimes is about to update ur serf into modern world m’dala uli boh

  6. I dont see any reason why some commenter’s here are accusin mdalayu,its what he’s opted for.. furthermore this is so inspiring to todays generation in schools..mdala is searching for knowledge he never encountered before not a job..leave his dreams alive

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