Five drunk drivers fined K150, 000


The Blantyre Chief Resident Magistrate court has fined five drivers K150,000 each for being found driving whilst drunk.

This comes days after the Directorate of Road Traffic and Safety Services ordered its officers to start being more serious in curbing traffic offences.

According to a recent police report, the order follows the rise in number of deaths due to road accidents which have occurred in the country over the past month.

Amid reducing these accidents which have so far claimed over ten people in this month only, police decided to introduce stiff punishment for all offenders.

In exercise of this, the senior resident magistrate court on Thursday sentenced five drivers for being found guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol.

The court ordered that the five convicts should pay K150,000 each, sentences which have been handed out to be a lesson to would be offenders.

The five convicts have been identified as Stanford Sibanda, Lawrence Laliyo, Timothy Ndolo, Mwai Lusaka and Peter George Saliwa.

Meanwhile, a good number of drivers have expressed worry over the strengthening of the rules which include that no minibus should be seen carrying goods such as bags of maize.

On Friday, minibus drivers were involved in running battles with the police after the drivers protested against the new rules.



  1. As much as we do applaud the police; on the other hand I think it is high time the Govt should take a step to improve our roads and other facilities.
    -poor road signs
    -poor road conditions
    -poor traffic lights.etc

    There is need to review these.

  2. Most fatal accidents are caused by tyre failure. Secondhand tyres are contributing to this. Government should consider removing duty on new imported tyres so people can afford them.
    Drinkink and driving has been around like forever…

  3. Kkkkkkkk,As much as I agree with that stiff penalty to the drivers,I would rather say,its so sad that these penalties are imposed to the poor drivers only but not to the well and o do people. Have seen whites,Indians and those with names go away with it.shame on you

  4. Thats Good Job..u must increase the oprice charge also……Drink and Drive ndizomwe zikupangitsa ngozi…osati Zoletsa kunyamula katundu zijaaa

  5. i just wanna know first before am going to my comment plz, what type ov licence car is that i mean Minibus Dr or bus Dr, truck Dr?

  6. Ndalamayo ikuchepa,chifukwa nthawi yomwe akumwa mowa amaziwanso kuti ayendetsa galimoto,choncho amachita dala kusasamala zamiyoyo wanthu ena,komanso simungayelekeze moyo wamunthu ndi 150,000,00 kwacha.Ikufunika kuti izikhaka half million komanso zaka zitatu kundende.

  7. Azipitanso ku bottles store, bar, club, hotel ndi mtvn kukamanga onse opanga park galimoto yao ndikumamwa mowa chfk akuziwa kake za dnt drnk en drive,,, omangomanga a minbus okha plz ndapota nanu!

  8. busy with drunken drivers instead of working and solve financial problems? that’s wat I call Malawi. .. na ine ndekha sindidxalora kumangidwa coz car belong to me n beers it’s ma money I bought za ziiii bax

  9. What a very commendable job from the police!! Arrest and fine these so called drunkard drivers,they are the ones facilitating the rampant road accidents. Thumbs up the road traffic officers