Malawi commemorates albinism awareness day

Jean Kalirani

Malawi on Tuesday commemorated International Albinism Awareness Day to raise awareness on the rights of people with albinism.

The day is commemorated on 13th June every year and this was the third year for Malawi as a nation to commemorate the day.

Jean Kalirani
Malawians asked to end attacks on people living live albinism.

This year’s commemoration was at Nkolimbo ground in Ntcheu district under the theme Advancing with Renewed Hope.

Speaking during the event, chairperson of Association of People with Albinism (Apam) board of trustees Rev Peter Kandulu asked Malawi Law Commission to review laws regulating traditional doctors in Malawi.

Kandulu said traditional doctors are involved in the attacks on people with albinism hence the need to regulate them.

“We urge also the Malawi Law Commission to review the Witchcraft Act in order to regulate the witchdoctors who are most often associated with attacks on persons with albinism,” he said.

Kandulu asked government to appoint people with albinism in public positions and to ensure special protection of their rights in workplaces as one way of fighting discrimination against them.

He however thanked Parliament for amending some archaic laws saying the amended laws would be used to prosecute people involved in the abduction and killings of people with albinism.

While praising Judge Dingiswayo Madise for imposing a life sentence on a man who attempted to murder a child with albinism last year, Kandulu called on other judges to be doing the same.

“It was a good start and the association wishes to appeal to other judges to be doing the same thing when handling cases of killings and abductions of people with albinism,” said Kandulu.

He then hailed the ministry of finance for allocating funds to speed up prosecution of suspects of attacks against people with albinism.

The albinism awareness days provided an opportunity for Malawians to interact with persons with albinism and provide a platform to explore mechanism that could be used to provide resource to tackle the current killings and trafficking and abuse of persons with albinism in Malawi.

In making the event memorable and colourful, Apam disseminated information about rights of persons with albinism through activities such as live performances.

The association also produced materials such as banners, T-shirts and booklets so that information sharing should continue.

Since 2014, the abduction and killings of persons with albinism in Malawi have been on the rise.

At least 20 people with albinism are known as to have been killed with five others being abducted during the same period.

Even in 2017 when the situation was thought to have been contained, cases of rights violations against persons with albinism continued as the association registered two murder cases.



  1. The other way is to find out who empowers them and where they sell the parts. For sure there must be a source, tributaries and a mouth for this albino system.Cut off the head to kill the snake.

  2. Abwana akulamulilawo dziko lamalawiwo a dakuziwapho kathu anthu samamgo phedwa ponda mulandu moto siufuka popanda nkhuni why why Malawi tisitiuphawe why no look another job how do you feel to killing human blood or atakhala ndibalewa ungave bwanj tidzikhala anthu achisoni

  3. Everyone must take responsibility to keep an eye of love,mercy,Grace and oneness over our brothers and sisters with albinism.It’s one people but different colours

  4. Awa Ndie Maganizo Aupandu Ndikukhulupilila Kut Albino Kumucheka Atuluka Magaz Chimodzimodz Ineo Kod Khungu Likasiyanitse Chigamulo?Mmalawi Muno Mlandu Wakupha Ndi Life Enprisonment Ndie Mukusiyanit Sa Pat? Nanga Ma Lawyer Amene Mumagamula Milandu Ya Anthu Amenewa Malamulo Owatchaja Zaka 8, 2 ,4 Mumawatenga Kut? Popeza Nawonso Ndi Anthu
    Mulungu Akuotchen Amene Mukulemela Mu Dzina La Anthuwa

  5. Harsh punishment to those who found guilty (2 to 4 sentences ie 14yrs +8yrs +5yrs imprisonment then after ask those criminals to find out how many years are they going to stay in prison? We know it is very hard to implement death sentence but their punishment must be 2+ coz those ones are also Humans not animals

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