MCP to win next elections – claims survey

Lazarous Chakwera

Lazarus Chakwera is most likely to be the next Malawi President if he can survive the uprise in his party.

A survey by a research network, Afrobarometer, has disclosed that the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) is likely to win the next general elections in the country.

According to the findings, if elections were to be held, MCP is likely to win with 32 percent while ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is to be second with 27 percent of votes.

Lazarous Chakwera
MCP to win the 2019 elections according to a survey.

United Democratic Front (UDF) would be on third position with 11 percent and former ruling People’s Party (PP) would get 7 percent of the votes.

Government spokesperson Nicholas Dausi has since faulted the findings to be “unfair” arguing the survey was conducted a long time ago.

He added that the ruling party is doing its best that makes it to be favourable to Malawians citing the fight against corruption as among efforts being done in the country.

The Afrobarometer survey has also disclosed loss of trust in elections by Malawians as many participants showed lack of interest to choose which party can be voted into power.



  1. This is the true reflection of the survey. Its given that come 2019, MCP will likely win

  2. we want changes this ruling party came in without any focus its just there for Nothing other than selfishness—A leader without love for its Nation is a dead leader–these include MPs, Ministers, Contractors, Managers,Chiefs, Please lets love each other with love everything is possible we can eradicate povert in this country if we put love first. just imagine people suffering when somebody is keeping huge sum of money in his bank account just for enjoyment-What are you going to benefit when somsbody suffers because of your selfisness–Za nziko ndizachabe izi —we shall all die-tizazisiya zonsezi so lets love one another and unity we are all one—yesu anatsindika pa LOVE chifukwa anadziwa kuti without love anthu azazunzana pa zinthu za ziiii-ati anthu aziwapasa ulemu ndikuwaopa just because alindindalama zambiri what for…If you have more give some to those that are ineed of it….Muzangoyesa kupita kumudzi ndikumupasa munthu 1 hundred kwacha muzaona mmene azakuthokozeleni…which simply shows kuti anthu akuvutika kwambiri while anthu ena there busy kuzikundikira okha chuma on the expense of poor malawian and spending such money on useless things.

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