Malawi has selfish MPs – PAC


The decision to buy laptops for Members of Parliament (MPs) has attracted attention of citizens who argue that the legislators are selfish as they allowed huge sums of money to be used despite the economic woes that Malawi is facing.

The Public Affairs Committee (PAC) has argued that the legislators could have considered not approving the purchase of 193 laptops since the country has financial challenges.

Fr. Peter Mulomole

Fr. Peter Mulomole: Our MPs have let us down.

PAC publicity secretary Father Peter Mulomole argued that the money could have been used in other public sectors that are lacking funds.

Mulomole added that the money should have been wisely spent on medicine as reports reveal that some public hospitals do not have essential drugs.

He added that the MPs are likely to buy laptops for themselves as they get allowances from each sitting on top of a healthy monthly salary.

The Malawi government bought the laptops at K450,000 each from Globe Computers.

Office of Director of Public Procurement approved the bid on 21 March 2017, which has cost government K112,131,250.

Meanwhile 190 laptops have been distributed, while the others are waiting for the three vacant seats in the national assembly to be filled.

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