DPP loses Parliamentary seat

Malawi Parliament

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has lost one seat in Malawi Parliament after Lilongwe South East constituency slot has been declared vacant.

Speaker of the House Richard Msowoya announced the vacancy during the parliamentarians’ meeting on Monday.

This follows the Supreme Court of Appeal ruling that a re-run should be held to elect a legitimate legislator for the constituency after it found that 2014 general elections which DPP’s Bentley Namasasu won were marred by irregularities.

Richard Msowoya
Msowoya says house awaits the polls.

One of the candidates, Ulemu Msungama of Malawi Congress Party (MCP), took the matter to the High Court to protest the outcome of the election.

This means that the right to be represented for the people of the constituency will continue being violated for so long as the scheduled re-run is waiting for the government to vomit funds.

Last month, Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) said it could not conduct what it called ‘by-elections’ in the constituency within the first week of June this year citing lack of funds as the reason for the postponement.

Contrary to the court ruling, MEC said it will hold by-elections where new candidates will be allowed and not a re-run which would have involved previous candidates only.

The move allowed the DPP to ditch Namasasu and organise fresh primaries in the constituency.



  1. It is not DPP which has lost that seat. MCP has!! That seat belonged to MCP. I thought that’s what we gave been told to believe. What DPP has done here in simple language is that their man has benefited by enjoying all the status of an MP in Parliament, MCP’s man hasn’t. Now that we are half way through to another elections, the candidate for MCP, even if he wins this by election he will have little impact. The loser in this case people of LL south eastm

    1. @ william,,,,,, Boma chani apa!!!!!!!!!, 2019 is here, by the way, open ur eyes and see, ur still asleep, oooh, may ur in the grave with DPP that u can’t c outside, kkkkk

    1. The law required the Speaker to declare the seat vacant. DPP MP was there fraudulently. So wake up. It is not kuwawidwa mtima kadet iwe!

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