Government rubbishes Kalua’s claims


Government has dismissed claims by Member of Parliament for Rumphi East Kamlepo that he was abducted saying the legislator is seeking public sympathy.

Through a statement signed by minister of information and communications technology Nicholas Dausi, government says Kalua is seeking public and political sympathy which he does not deserve.

“These allegations are false and aimed at misleading the public so that he gets public and political sympathy which in the government view, he does not deserve,” the statement says.

The statements further states that government has a constitutional duty to protect all the people of Malawi from misleading claims.

“These are petty, trivial inconsequential and miserable attempts to create a pretext that he is being victimised for his political views and criticism of government,” says the statement.

Government in the statement notes that Kalua was never abducted as it shows that he was never hurt, had clean clothes and had had an over-coat over his shoulders even though he claimed to have been thrown off a moving vehicle.

“Kalua had an over-coat over his shoulder where he claimed to have been thrown off moving vehicle. How did the over coat not fall off the shoulders as he was thrown off?” government wondered.

Kalua went missing after the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) on 26 April conducted a search at his house in Blantyre on suspicions of non-payment of customs duty for his vehicles.




  1. Tiye nazo kamlepo.Osanyumwa cha pompano ufika pa Ramsey Noah

  2. Take a look of kk then look chiboko girls ,distinguish them then tel me. Kk must step down from politics & concentrate on other businesses

  3. The culprit all is the first to jitter! Hon Kalua hasn’t said anything yet basically what he’s saying is that of now he is abit at loss of memory. So why is the govt so quick to say anything apparently in defense as if the presumed abducted has said anything reading to govt!? The learned Speaker of parliament is right to let him explain his side when full memory comes back into his head!

  4. Achaponda Ataotcha Offece Yao Simudawatsutse Ngakhale Adal4 Ndimulandu Oba Ndalama Koma Uyu Ndiye Mwangonenelatu ? Osamatelo Mulungu Akuona Ngwilitsani Mtchito Udindo Wanu Moyenela Kuopa Moto Kwa Mulungu

  5. If I were you mr dausi I could have said “give us time to investigate ” mind you, your cadets are capable of doing thing which you and the government might not know. For instance, did you know that your boys will beat up police men at tsangano? Or you already knew that will happen? Or you heard like everybody else did? Dziko ndi anthu bwana minister, what you have observed about the coat is what could have prompted you to investigate Not just rush to rubbish it.

  6. Wy dont they investigate it…its the duty off police officers to investigate this….not just duty of govment to rubbish it…..prove to the whole nation that kamlepo played the whole snenario

  7. Am wondering when did they investigate about the issue coz iknow the hon minster is fond of begging time to investigate bt the speed in conclusion is suspicious remember the chasowa issue

  8. The whole things started with cars and the actors. If a comedy, then it was a mini soap opera. Some actors denying they ever participated in the opera.

  9. Why government reached on judgment before even investigation? Something is wrong here, this police isn’t independent because when comes to opposition side is bias against them, is too quick to suggests that he faked, Kamulepu is oppressed by DPP government who are trying so hard incriminating Kamulepu for politic gain, mulandu wamusokho tax fraud related case koma MRA ask such police armey with Ak47 to escort them to the honourable member of Parliament, guys it was DPP to intimidate Kamulepu, Kamulepu is not a gang robber or dangerous criminal ndiye apolisi aja ambiri chochija amakatani kunyumba yamunthu oti akukufufusidwa pa mulandu wamusokho? Something fishy here

    1. U mean police shud be busy wasting resources investigating zinthu zoti his family anakana kukapanga report Ku police coz they don’t trust the police?

    2. #Nedved tamamvetsani walemba munthu, the thing is why did the police went to kamlepo’s residence fully armed with guns nkhan yake yokhuza misonkho yagalimoto ngat kut ndi mbava

    3. You give senseless nothing tangible from you, resources already wasted by sending battalion force to his house on related tax fraud case, even arresting him will cost again more even paying him more, No case there DPP playing with politics but at the end of the day is gonna be a losing case against the state, fooling the fools, Kamulepu is oppressed need urgent help

    4. police are already wasting resources by sending so many police officers using tax payers money just to inpound vehicles, its just a political intimidation on opposition members

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