Teenage woman commits suicide in Dowa

A 19-year-old woman has committed suicide by hanging herself to the roof of her bedroom at Chidoola village in the area of Traditional Authority Mponela in Dowa.

Mponela Police Spokesperson Kondwani Kandiado has identified the deceased as Paliyena Chimangeni.

According to Kandiado, Paliyena was married to a man from Chidoola village and on this fateful day she was called home by her biological father of Chiwandira village where they had some discussions.

“It remains unknown as to what transpired after meeting the parents as a few hours after getting home, the husband was baffled to see his lover hanging from a roof in their bedroom.” Said Kandiado.

Postmortem conducted by Mponela hospital officials revealed that death was due to suffocation.

Mponela police is therefore urging members of the community to patronise the station’s Victim support unit for counselling whenever they have conflicts in their localities as committing suicide is not a solution.

In another matter, a mentally disturbed man identified as Augustine Yusuf Ntepeka has died after committing suicide by hanging himself in a tree.

Mangochi Police Deputy Spokesperson Amina Daudi has confirmed the incident with Malawi24.

According to Daudi, the deceased was mentally unstable and had just been recently discharged from Zomba mental hospital.

“The deceased just disappeared from his home without telling anyone. Later in the evening he was discovered dead in the same village dangling on the rope after hanging himself in a tree,” Daudi added.

Postmortem conducted at Namwera Health Centre revealed that death was due to suffocation. Samuel hailed from Nkwalula village Traditional Authority Bwananyambi in Mangochi.