Malawi flood victims selling relief items again

Salima floods

Some of the relief items that were distributed to people who were affected by floods in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe are now on the market.

According to what Malawi24 has found, some flood victims are selling porridge flour Vital Meal which they were given freely by well-wishers soon after the floods last month.

The small flour bags which weigh 2 kilograms each are being sold at K1000 and K1500 to residents from other areas.

Salima floods
Flooding victims selling relief items. (File)

The flour bags are currently sold to surrounding people by the flood victims.

Recently government pledged to deal with people found selling the relief items.

Lilongwe and Salima are districts which were recently affected by floods in the country.

In Salima, the floods occurred in Traditional Authorities Ndindi and Pemba and over 1,030 households were displaced while in Lilongwe more than five areas were affected and over 1000 households were displaced.