Organisations now remitting Teveta levy – MRA

Steve Kapoloma

The Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) says many organisations in the country now understand the importance of remitting Teveta levy which helps to fund technical colleges.

According to MRA Director of Cooperate Affairs Steve Kapoloma, MRA’s awareness campaign on the levy has turned out well as the tax collector is collecting more than expected which is of great importance to the work of technical colleges.

Steve Kapoloma
Steve Kapoloma says organisations are now responding well.

“The progress has been very good, we are now collecting as much as we expected and starting a new law like this we needed to create awareness for many more institutions to know the importance of paying Teveta levy,” said Kapoloma.

He added that MRA is still meeting a lot of potential Teveta levy payers so that they get to know the importance of paying the levy.

Kapoloma urged organisations that are yet to begin paying the tax to go to MRA offices to register and start remitting the levy which is one percent of the wage bill.

According to Kapoloma, the levy is very important as it looks at those who do technical jobs and the money goes to those people for training so that they are competent in their work.