Do what Malawians say, Mutharika told


Amid political hitches that President Peter Mutharika is facing, a political scientist Wonderful Mkhutche has urged the Malawi leader to act in the interest of the general public and not individuals.

This comes at a time when Civil Society Organizations (CSO’s) in the country have been demanding action from Mutharika on controversial issues.

The continued failure to act has led to plans of holding demonstrations with Mzuzu residents demanding that Mutharika should pack from State House.

Among the issues that Mutharika has been blamed to have been sitting on include the recent Malawi, Zambia maize saga and the issue of cabinet ministers who are said to have been looting taxpayers’ money.

Peter Mutharika

Mutharika asked to listen to Malawians.

Commenting on the matter, Mkhutche has urged Mutharika to do what Malawians want to resist opposition forces from other stakeholders.

“President Mutharika should have known better that, politically, the Dr. Chaponda issue is a slippery topic, and as such, careful decisions need to be made.

But that has not been the case. The result is a continual opposition from the CSOs and the general public. This might prove fatal especially now that 2019 is around the corner,” said Mkhutche.

Mutharika’s led government under Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) flagship has been under fire for not acting on what Malawians demand.

The development has led opposition parties challenging the leadership arguing that ‘it has failed’ to meet the expectations of the citizenry.



  1. allan mj i think mj means mulanje ndiwe mlomwe wopusa kwambiri ukubakila nyansi za dpp zimene zaononga dziko lathu labwinobwino lija fotseki.

  2. Why he is a president to lead the nation with his manifesto ndiye amvera Anthu angati he should do what right to the nation not individual

  3. Funso-Kodi m’busa ndi nkhosa amayenera kumvera mzake ndani?…….nkhosa zayamba kuchuluka nzeru kwa m’busa?majority or no majority the president at times had to make his own dicisions because he is the BOSS whether you like it or not.If you think its easy to get that position try or ask Zenasi ungapake tembo mpaka anakalamba osakhalapo or chakwera,its his dream and its slowly dying,day and night he is thinking of how he can taste the feel of that sit mpaka munthu wamulungu akufuna kuiyambitsa nkhondo.Kukhala pulezidenti mkokoma anthuni mutakhala inu mmene MUNGABELEMO!!!bolaso chaponda!

  4. Soryy Pharaoh i think mulandira zimatenda kumipandoko kuti mwina ndalama mukuba za malovafe ziyende pozera ma bill amuzipatala …warning zitipeza or mwazisunga nthenda zipitiliza kukulondani in the name of waoperekayoo ameeee kumipandoko

  5. i ve got a very big problem with the capacity in which nkhutche is commenting all this. when did the man become mature enough to understand the political strata of our me this nkhutche guy is too shallow to analyse our politics. fancy in one of his previous analysis he wrote that it is not a probleb for Ritaa to expose her body since the girl has good legs when malawians were questioning the girl over our national morals. do you see any point in this?

  6. When you demand the president to do what the people say, which people? you mean SEMBEREKA, TRAPENCE and tthese useless CSOs, where were they during CASH GATE?, where were they during JET GATE? what did you do then?

    We are tired of you useless CSOs, have you at any time do anything to help the common man? When you get money from donors, you eat them with you wives and children and when you want to fulfil your evil motive, you call the common man to help you achieve your missions, thats stuped, go with your children and girl friends to do those demons, dont take us for grunted.

    And you who demand the President to do what people say, have you ever at anytime do what the president tells you to do? He has been telling you to be patriotic, hardworking and people with intergrity, have you ever tried to practice that? Musatinyase ngati ndalama zanuzo mmadya ndife. mukayende ndiazikazi anu ndi ana anu.

  7. A wise husband who knows his wife was created in the image of God does not tell his wife that she is becoming fat. Rather he says ” huny the image of God is increasing”

    • #Ronnie do u believe the majority ya amalawi panopa imene ikudzudzula zolakwa zoti president akuyenela kusintha ali wrong??? Ngati akulakwa inuyo muliku Malawi?nanga ngati muli kumalawi zimenezi simukuziona???? People want something change thats all!!

  8. Only if all politicians do obey majority of their voters things could have been better….it’s not with Malawi now
    the president does things own his own..up to date maize price is still high that we can’t manage but he is quite

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