Chikhwawa youth in alcohol abuse


…Police confiscate Mkalabongo

In a move to ensure low consumption of alcohol among the youth in Chikhwawa, Police have confiscated liquor in the district.

The Police conducted a sweeping exercise on 27 and 28 of February 2017 at around 10:00 hours in the morning at Dyeratu Trading Centre and within Chikhwawa Boma area.

The exercise witnessed Maso Makiyi, 18, Wyson Masinoti, 22 and seven others being arrested for selling liquor locally known as “Mkalabongo” without licence.

Police also arrested Damasiyano Paulo, 18, Lawrence Alfred, 35, and Maison Kamfozi, 22, for touting.

Mkalabongo confiscated.

According to the Police, the exercise followed reports of cases of unlawful wounding and common assault of which many have been said to be a result of drunkenness.

Confirming to Malawi24, Chikhwawa Police spokesperson Andrew Mayawo disclosed that six cases of fighting at drinking joints were reported from 15 to 28 February 2017.

“The youth in the district are also affected in a sense that the alcohol is also sold to them,” said Mayawo.

The Police have since urged people in liquor business to consult responsible authorities for proper operation of their businesses.

Currently the suspects are being kept at Chikhwawa police station and they will appear in court soon in the district.



  1. It’s a good move.Many of our children are dying,loosing their job, and even fail to continue with their studies.Stop it before it goes out of hand.

  2. It’s a good move.Many of our children are dying,loosing their job, and even fail to continue with their studies.Stop it before it goes out of hand.

  3. We Have A Whole Ministry Of Civic Education- What Is It Doing? Invest Heavily In A Multi-pronged Civic Education Programme With A Strong Dosage Of Moral Values- Only Then Can You Save The Young Souls!!!

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  6. Frozy ayi, Mowanso ayi, ndiye tizimwa chani? – mikozo kapena kokakola?

  7. I am very much worried with the worsening of Alcohal abuse by our youths in Malawi.
    In Limbe, just go to Limbe market – kumakontena and see for your self mmene mowa wa
    ma five litres – ukugulitsidwila. Ma spirits oti dziko silingatukuke ndipang`ono pomwe koma boma likungoyang`ana
    popeza ana amabwana amaphunzira kunja kumwe mowa amaupanga control.

    Shame on Malawi Government and BT city Mayor ….Limbe Police O/C, MP and Councellor for allowing Massive selling of Spirits anyhow {Kuma Container ku Limbe MRA simafikako or pang`ono chamba mkati).


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  11. Very fanny,some years back ankafuna kuletsa kuphika kachaso koma ma Mp anaikana bill imeneo Ku Parliament anati iwowo ma Mp WO makolo awo amagulitsa kachaso kuti Iwo aphunzire school NDE izi kumalawi sizingatheke

    1. Very true Ireen, anthu enadi anafika pomwe ali chifukwa chatima small scale business ngati togulitsa ntchasoto But you must remember these days politicians use what ever alternative that’s closer to their mind just to make it possible for them selves to hide behind a leaf.
      Some of these MPs would support the idea of kachaso business so that people in their constituency adzingogonabe, asamaone zolakwika zikuchitika. Through same kind of process the politians make sure that during campaigning season the youths ndi makolo othima kachaso asashote yokamwera kabangayo so that they vote for them again.
      Imakhala game yawachithaima mndani.

  12. A police officer is marking the assignment of two of his children. He marked the senior child’s work and flogged him. He turned to the junior child, open his notebook and without saying a word, he went away. The older child ask the younger one, you that know nothing, why papa didn’t flog you? The younger one replied: I put 200 in my notebook! You forgot that papa is a police man.

  13. stupid minds….instead of dealing with corapution in malawi now ur coming with dis shit views, sindimwa mowa koma cha nzeru palibe pamenepo

    1. But your logic makes zero sense, AIDS is incurable alcoholism is curable and there are condoms to prevent AIDS.

  14. You just think or its reality coz if you ban that liquor anthu azisangalaka bwanj or you want to say that pali dzko lopanda mowa? ..I think mwatupdwa nd chootcha I mean #chaponda kk

  15. Who said that. Does he /she know how many people will loose job if they close. From truck driver who transport Alcohol. The people who load and offload that alcohol. The owner of the tavern will loose business and end up closing and his family will go empty stomach. So do the right thing and save jobs. Are u are that these breweries pay sin tax/ or levy. Are u are aware that soccer will loose sponsor. Is the police going to sponsor sports because they ask bribe too much. If u talk look different side before u bark. All is needed is for these law enforcement to ensure rule and regulations are forced e.g make sure every tarven has a licence. No underage in tarvens. Selling alcohol and cigarettes to underage must lead to prosecution. Not what is being posted here. Check alcohol act first

  16. Ban the illicit stuff. Boys at home spend morning to sunset just drinking no insight on their future nor that of their families. More measures need to be done on alcohol…

  17. muyambe kaye mwaka gudubiza ma frig amakosa omwe akutmawo,mukapeza mikunda yakachasu komamso ya mkalabongo,ndiye kumakutumani kuti muletse katundu ameneyu,momwe amakuzanimo munaliso mutaledzela mkalabongo mubwele mudzaupeza tidzamwa kathithi

  18. So you think the ones who were selling those liquor products will start earning a living by selling sorghum, millet and maize? What about the producers, will they start brewing maheu? And the package manufacturers, will they start milling business? You could just waste your time on sensitising the imbibers the dangers of alcohol and substance abuse not that action

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