MCP finds fault with Budget Review statement


Opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has described the mid-term budget review statement presented on Friday by Minister of Finance and Economic planning Goodall Gondwe as a review that lacked Malawi’s economic big picture.

On Friday last week, Gondwe presented the budget review which is for the six months of the operations of the 2016/2017 budget.

Commenting on the statement in Parliament, spokesperson for finance for MCP Alexander Kusamba Dzonzi said Gondwe has deceived Malawians by saying that there is hope with this government.

Alexander Kusamba Dzonzi
Kusamba Dzonzi says Gondwe’s presentation painting a wrong picture.

“The minister has deceived Malawians by saying that there is hope with this government yet the 71% failure by donors to disburse promised project grants is enough evidence that no donor is confident in this government on running the economy,” said Dzonzi.

He added that the review did not give Malawians an honest  economic analysis on the number of jobs government has created for the past six months as well as the investors it has brought in the country to recover the economy.

He further said that this is a government that refuses to do things right in the short run believing that they will correct itself in the long run.

“Mr Speaker Sir, what do you think we should do with this incompetent government as we are awaiting for the 2019 general elections? This question is going to you…,” he said.

According to Dzonzi, the budget review lacked Malawi’s complete economic overview as portrayed by its silence on the Admarc Zambia-Transglobe maize deal gone sour as well as the Tobacco market troubles.



  1. Who do mps honestly represent in parliament? When did our mps discuss an issue that directly benefit the poor rural masses? When did the opposition mps advise govt to consider improving the working condition for civil servants? When did mps ….eeh,when did mps…eeh,when did mps..eeh. Can someone finish for me please!

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