Lucius gives loans to women in Balaka

Lucius Banda

In an effort to empower women in his Balaka North constituency, Member of Parliament Lucius Banda has offered loans to the women.

Writing on his Facebook account, Banda said the women were excited upon receiving the loan as it was a step ahead in their process of being resourceful.

“Today I was meeting and greeting the great people of Mangerengere in Balaka town and on this trip l handed over some financial resources to a group of women as a loan just like I did last week with women of Mponda village to start some small scale businesses. You should have seen the excitement,” said Banda.

Lucius Banda
Lucius Banda sahres a moment with a lady and her child at the event.

A lot of countries in the world including Malawi are engaging in efforts that are aimed at making women economically empowered to be helping themselves and stop depending on their husbands.

Some quarters say that overdependence of wives to their men fuel gender based violence since men in such situations regard themselves as superiors.

For example, in order to improve the saving culture as well as improve access to finance for women farmers, DAPP Malawi through farmers clubs introduced village savings and loans in Chikhwawa.

The village savings and loans facility has helped farmers to access finance and some farmers have capitalised their income generating activities.

According to one member of a village savings and loans Esther Mukhova, the grouping that started with 20 people has now grown to represent a bigger part of the community.

“The village bank has grown and we are now able to lend each other big amounts of money. Some of our members are getting up to 100,000 Malawi kwacha ($134),”said Mukhova Memory who operates a grocery shop in Chikhwawa district.

She is also building a house with bricks and corrugated iron sheets. The woman attributed her success to the savings and the loan she acquired through the village savings and loans.



  1. Si agalu enawa kumangozidyela okha anthu awo akufa ndi njala . Ambuye akudalitse kopambana. Komanso wina watchula Bushiri musiyeni amere nnofu iye uja ndi man of God komanso amapanga ma bznss osiyanasiyana.mukhala choncho. Bravo Lucius Banda keep it up. God bless u and ur family

  2. Mr Banda may Almighty God bless you for this development. ..enawa asakubwezeletseni mmbuyo kaamba kama comment amkutuwa. …ndiopunduka mitima ….sanayamikilepo chibadwire. …

  3. Amalawi nsanje….Let’s commend Lucius for this initiative. .Only few can do this. .its his money and he can chose how he wants to give out the loans and where…..those with ideas different from this…do the same in your home villages.

  4. And ndalama zake tikuziwa kuti ndizovutikira yekha….osati uyu wankhope ngati chidebe uyu chaponda shupiti….
    Keep it up Lucius Banda

  5. Akanapanga ankolo anga achaponda bwenzi mukut aba ndalama koma poti ndiwachipani chomwe chinatha ngati makatan chija ndie mmanja.women empowerment zankutu!

    1. Nde zabwino mayb watenga pass on scheme approach,akamabweza ndekuti azipatsaso amzawo.zimathandizira munthu uja kupangadi business osati angodya then moyo kumapitilirabe.

  6. Real MP must be like that………..not kumangodya yekha ngat anazivotera yekha………..muyimanso big man you really care for your sheerp

  7. Uyu ndi munthu wokonda anthu ake, moyo wa Lucius ndi Muluzi sindisiyaniisa, anthu okonda anthu awo, kukakhala kwathuku zoti kuli MP, mmmmm kaya mwina

  8. Well done Mr LC Banda it’s not everyone who will like this example.they’re born like that & will go like that..

  9. It’s a good development but at a wrong point as I have seen on a picture,it could be better if he could give the loan through our banks in the country and not to act as part of campaigning.Well,congratulations sir Lucious

  10. Azibambo kuba,mapeto ake azakutulutsirani zikwanje pobweza,bigup soja,women first,azibambo alibe chilungamo azayamba kukanyengera dollar ya ngongole,bravo comrade

  11. Sometimes its good to empower families not just women, we alwez preach about equality but now it has gone beyond measures, its all about women nd this brings convulsions in families eg, lack of respect nd care in families, anyway big up nd please involve men also.

    1. It’s a good suggestion but most of the time when they promoting these loans they target female headed families because they are more venerable to gender based violence. The money should should be accompanied with training in financial management and time keeping.

  12. Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn’t mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteers be at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit any porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef,but the wrod as a wlohe.
    Lkie if u can raed tihs

    1. Mr Phunyanya ndekuti nanunso ndiwasatanic eti ?? nzanu asapange chitukuko koma mwati wasatanic? kkk nde mukuchedwatu nzanu akapanga zabwino kumayesako kuyamikira kkk kapena inayi ndi jelasi Eti ??

  13. He always try to make a world a better place for pple evn in hiz songs there iz strong message brings hop to the ordinary malawians.Long live and gud health Veteran

  14. Good development.
    Koma inu Malawi24, Hon. Lucious Banda si wa Balaka central constituency, Hon. L. Banda (Soja) ndiaBalaka north constituency.

    Mwapanga bwanji anthu…..aMalawi24

  15. I wish all leaders was like Mr Lucius Chiccio Banda. That’s why God is blessings him more. He got the heart to help people. May almighty God bless you Mr Banda

  16. Za ziiii,ndinkhani yoti muzilemba apa imeneyo??kudzitam a ndila basi.

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