Police officers donate to orphanage in Karonga

A group of female police officers in Karonga on Tuesday made a donation to Lusubilo Orphan Care in the district.

The Officer in Charge for Karonga Police Station Sekani Tembo led the group which is known as Karonga Police Women Network.

The items donated were soap, sugar, clothes, kitchen utensils and toys for nursery school children. The items are worth close to K500,000.

During the visit, the police officers told children at the orphanage the importance of going to school as one of the weapons of defeating poverty.

The children were also advised to have moral behaviour and report to police any kind of abuse rendered to them.

Presenting the donation, the Karonga Police Officer In-Charge told the children that being orphans does not mean the end of everything and God will not leave them alone.
The Officer in Charge then advised the staff members who are taking care of the children to make sure that their good job of caring children should continue and the items donated to the children should be given to the real beneficiaries without favouritism.

Sister Beatrice Chipeta who is the founder of Lusubilo Orphan Care appreciated the Karonga Police Women Network for being exemplary to the general public by donating such kind of items.

According to Sister Chipeta, Lusubilo Orphan Care was opened in 1997 and currently it is accommodating 97 children of which 50 are girls.

Most of the children are from Karonga, Chitipa and some parts of Rumphi districts.



  1. this is splendid dear police. I realy silute u, be good models so that Malawian citizens can take after u. i appriciate ua good and charitable deed

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  3. Fellow Malawians, when will we learn to appreciate good deeds done by others? Most of us are haste to condemn and yet very slow to offer. If u cant manage to help, just remain good to others, recognise their effort and appreciate them.

  4. Ndizomwe adataya chaponda pomwe amapita kuzambia ukagula chimanga ndizomwe apolice agulila katundu ameneyo.munthu salulandila nde yonthandizila mzake ayitenga kuti?

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